AMD Vs Intel: The Future of Desktop Processors

PC Advisor writes:

"It's the epic, age-old battle that just keeps being resurrected. Chip-giant Intel and the underdog Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) go head-to-head for desktop dominance. So what will 2008 hold for desktop processors? We've uncovered both company's plans for 2008 to allow you to decide just which purchase will suit your home or small business."

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GIJeff3759d ago

have AMD now, and its way more than i need. When it's eventually time for me to upgrade, I will again get an AMD. I love their price/performance ratio especially for sub $200. I think I will try an AMD graphics card next time around too. I have always been a nVidia fan, but i think i'm ready for a 100% AMD system.

gEnKiE3759d ago

AMD needs to get their act together..... I'm a huge AMD guy but they really need to step up their game with their Phenom processors if they want to compete with Intel.

DEIx15x83759d ago

I've been a big AMD fan but when it came to cores AMD was dominating and now Intel came out of nowhere to get Quads out. I'm shopping for a Quad this summer and hopefully the Phenom reviews will be better by then.

VigorousApathy3759d ago

Hey geniuses. Why not make your processors twice as big and then they'll be twice as good! Duh... Sometimes it's like I'm the only smart guy in the world.

sypen3759d ago

twice the size means it consumes more power which goes the opposite direction in terms of efficiency. Twice the size means twice the cost because the yield is half so the price is double. If all these cpu engineers where as "smart" as you the computers today would be the size of a football field and we wouldnt have a single innovation from the old vacuum tube design.

VigorousApathy3758d ago

I'm just kidding. I don't entirely understand the size thing though, but since people seem to get excited over smaller chips I thought it was a speed issue like how elephant's brains are so big that they thinks slow. But what does power have to do with it?

Rice3759d ago

Its doesnt really matter to me, rite now i have an amd,but in the future when its time to upgrade, i will get the processor thats better for the price, no matter if its amd or intel.

MaxGamer3758d ago

Although i have been using AMD processors for quite some time, they need
to go just a little more further. Other than that i never had a single problem with my processors. Been using AMD for 6 years now and still going. Currently im using an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5200+ 2.61 GHz. Works like a beast. My previous system had an AMD Athlon 2.0 GHz processor, and even though that system is now dead the processor is working as if it now came out of the box today and has outlasted every component that was on that system. Thats why my new system i chose to go with AMD again.