A Brief History of the original PlayStation

A Brief look at the history of the original PlayStation, from Nintendo's unfortunate pass to PSone's rise as the console of choice for the adult gamer.

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Relientk772184d ago

This is my favorite console, this and the PS2. The PlayStation has amazing games and such a good variety as well. RPGs, Adventure, Shooter, Action, Racing, it has it all and quality too.

Hatsune-Miku2184d ago

A brief history on the renaissance of video games

HarryMasonHerpderp2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Same here.
They were bad ass consoles.
They introduced me to Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Crash Bandicoot, Gran Turismo, Croc, Spyro, Metal Gear Solid I could go on and on.

The PSone is actually a big part of my childhood I spent many hours being blown away by these games.

I can still remember getting Resident Evil Directors cut and I knew I shouldn't of had it because I was about 12 years old lol and I thought the opening movie was so cool! also played the crap out of the RE2 demo with it.

r4ndomalex2184d ago

Yeah, Crash Bandicoot, GTA London and Tony Hawk all the way. I gave my original PlayStation to my sister for some reason, still get to play it though whenever I visit.

NukaCola2184d ago

I love Playstation. They have never disappointed me and my favorite game series Oddworld started there.

hennessey862184d ago

The console start up intro

Septic2184d ago

Ah memories. ToooowaaaaaAAAAwwweeeee *probably the worst attempt at typing out the sound the PS1 made at start up*

Tomb Raider was my first game. I only had a demo that came with the console for ages and sucked the life out of it. I remember always staring at the back of the playstation box and looking at the pic for Tomb Raider, wondering if it really was that good.

Then when I got it- ah man I was so excited. Such a great game and great gen.