Street Fighter vs. Tekken vs. Mortal Kombat

IGN - Fighting games have bruised our fingers and battered our egos for decades. In the competitive gaming space, no genre does it quite like the fighter. They pound gamers over the head with mind-numbing combos and split-second timing.

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vortis1905d ago ShowReplies(1)
prototypeknuckles1905d ago

this is tough, but for me id choose what i enjoy the most
Moartal Kombat
Street Fighter

Awesome_Gamer1904d ago

Mortal Kombat
Street Fighter

Mocat1904d ago

This was almost the new mortal kombat but it got banned

But yeah for me its


LOGICWINS1904d ago

I choose Mortal Kombat...because I have a life and don't have the time to memorize thousands of combos in Tekken and deal with the steep learning curve of Street Fighter that alienates anyone who hasn't played SF before.

AusRogo1904d ago

Can't stand Street Fighter, well not 4 anyway.. my favourite would have to be Mortal Kombat, Tekken then Street Fighter

Baka-akaB1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Easily street fighter and tekken for me . i'm afraid i can't stand Mortal Kombat .

I've played a few ( mk 1-3 , deadly alliance , mk9) given the success among a few friends back then , but it never sticks and resonate with me .

I dont like the artstyle , i find the animation horrible , the fatality and gore gimmick leaves me just cold , and most of all i find the gameplay boring , lacking depth and the characters very badly balanced .

At best i enjoyed a bit the way they tried to revolutionize the franchise with stances and weapon in Deadly alliance and sequels .

I know i'll get disagrees , but it's hard to argue against personal preferences and dislikes

LOGICWINS1904d ago

Well put. Out of curiosity, what do you like about SF and Tekken that makes you prefer them over other fighters?

Baka-akaB1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

It's a mix of everything i guess .

There are always fighters that perform or excels better in a few areas , but seems to me only a few manage a perfect balance of good and charismatic characters along with a deep enough gameplay and good realisation .

Virtua Fighter is most likely one of the most complex fighter ever , especially compared to Tekken , but its characters lack oomph and appeal imo .

There are also a few 2d fighter more complex than Street fighter , like usually KoF and Arcsys games , but those seems to turn off quite a few people , or do not resonate with more than a niche (of wich i'm part)

It's a matter of pacing and balance focus too . People used to accuse SF4 (and others) to be a turtles paradise , but full on defense should be a valid option too , and not every game need to punish it and mostly value offense .
SF remains somewhat a game of chess , at least of sort . There is a huge depth but hidden behind its appearance of simplicity

Tekken's pace isnt slow , but isnt frantic and messy either . The game seems to strive for a mix between pseudo realism , techniques and still being a fun title , and imo succeed . While most 3d title opt for one or the other

Anyway , i'm a fighting game fanatic and pretty much play everything bare a few titles i genuinely can't stand despite trying whenever a new addition comes around .

LOGICWINS1904d ago

Tekken is one of those games that I would like to be good at..but I find that it takes too much time and effort to master. And I hear that TTT2's A.I. is cheap.

torchic1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )


you don't have to learn 10 hit combos in Tekken to be good.

I've been playing Tekken for about a decade now and don't know a single 10-hit-combo, even on my favourite characters, yet I still do reasonably well online (I win more than I lose). yes you should probably learn basic button combinations but there's a common trend in them, so if you know one character's "command list" you have a good idea of everyone else's.

all I ever used was timing, technique, and anticipation. Tekken is a flexible fighting game if you think a bit you can do well.

TTT2's AI is only cheap at higher difficulties I've heard, but it's probably the best Tekken to start of with caus like every Tekken character imaginable is there.

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