Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Releasing On September 25th In North America, The Same Day As Fifa 13

Konami has officially announced the release date for PES 2013.

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Relientk772226d ago

Hmmm the ultimate soccer showdown

Fifa 13 Vs. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Although I think Fifa will definitely sell more

Dovahkiin2225d ago

Definitely, Fifa is a much better football sim.

badz1492225d ago

previous PES were always released later than FIFA and those are lost sale straight away as FIFA is in no way a bad game! as far as this gen is concerned, PES dropped the ball hard and FIFA picked it up and ran away with it since 2008 and is the best selling sport game ever since!

I hope there will be more competition this year from PES and looking at the same release date, I think we will see!

BringingTheThunder2226d ago

fifa will get bigger sales

pes will get better review scores

BootHammer2225d ago

This is likely. Variety is good so gamers can't lose ;)

cyberninja2225d ago

I'm getting pes this year. Can't wait.

KiLLeRCLaM2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

both games will be awesome. PES is really great this year only thing with them is the licences but if you buy it for pc then that's not a problem as someone will fix all that :D I'm getting both...

Baka-akaB2225d ago

even on consoles (well i can only vouch for ps3 version) licences are not really an issue .

You can easily use option files and actually get teams Fifa itself doesnt have

3-4-52225d ago

Fifa is going to sell more for sure, but PES 13 finally has caught up a bit with Fifa.

I'm planning on buying PES in 2013...Going to play Fifa 13 for months, take a month break and then give PES 13 a go just to have an honest review of both.

All the South American people I've met/talked to like PES more. They love soccer so there must be something to it.

rob852220d ago

Even PES at its peak always lost to FIFA in sales.