Naruto Storm 3 Partial Scan – Hack and Slash Battles

A new scan shows Sasuke fighting multiple Samurai.

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tayz2082d ago epicitas is back...NOSEBLEED OF THE CENTURY!!!

Yi-Long2082d ago

... I didn't care much for the taking on multiple opponents in the PSP game, which as a result I hardly played.

However, if this means a return to an open-world adventure where you are free to explore and take on many different quests, then that would be awesome.

tayz2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

true it will be awesome! more than awesome actually! i love the open world from storm 2 and always loved hacknslashes.. the two of them combined in storm 3 will make this game unrivaled!!!

Yi-Long2082d ago

... mostly just painted backgrounds for the characters to walk through.

I haven't played Storm 1, but I believe that gave players the freedom to run and jump around in a 3D Konoha.

tayz2082d ago

ahh your right! i meant storm 1! it had a true open world

CaptainSheep2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

I'm looking forward to this! I loved Impact's hack and slash story mode. SO MUCH WIN!

FinaLXiii2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

This will bring good variety to the game.

A co-op mode would be nice like Impact for the PSP.

CaptainSheep2082d ago

Offline co-op. That would be so freakin' awesome.

Baka-akaB2082d ago

Cool , but i'm more interested in them bringing more variety in the meat of the game , the vs battles .

The ultimate ninja storm franchise is good looking , attractive and ultimately good , but it's a farcry from what it used to be on PS2 as narutimate hero .

There was more skills involved , more choices of jutsus and ougis , and less spam . i wish they would try to incorporate that into ultimate ninja , instead of meager placebos to kawarimi no jutsus spamming , and updating the char list for the story .

Shadonic2082d ago

as long as fans fail to realise that all there doing is CODing us into buying the same thing with no real improvements besides movement in the story they wont care a bit. I hope they improve the combat dramatically its just so much potential in the storm but there not trying to reach its fullest potential.