How Final Fantasy VII Got Me (And Everyone Else) Into RPGs


In a way, Final Fantasy VII was my first RPG. For me, and millions of others, it was the game that truly made me a fan of the genre.

Though critical darling Final Fantasy VI was my "real" first RPG, It was Cloud and company who got me buying every single Square game during the 32-bit era, because they were the ones to show me that a videogame could exist on a scale that I hadn't been able to conceive of until that point. After playing Final Fantasy VII, RPGs finally "clicked" with me. I know I'm not alone.

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Emilio_Estevez2019d ago

Same here, I had dabbled, but never really gotten into one until FF7 came along and one of my friends really pushed me to check it out.

FACTUAL evidence2018d ago

FF7 didn't get me into rpgs. I say FF7 is average at best tbh. What really got me hard into RPG was legend of legaia.

Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder2018d ago

Yea FF7 didnt get me started eithier , but quencedently FF Tactics did .

scotchmouth2018d ago

Ff3 and secret of mana for me

guitarded772018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

FF VII was amazing at the time, but I got into RPG's way before VII. I actually spent more time with the original FF game on NES doing multiple play through with different party members.

doogiebear2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

The first I ever played was FF 7 at my friends house, But I was little and couldnt afford it. But my friend had SaGa Frontier 1, and gave it to me and I loved it. THAT was my first true rpg. I eventually got FF 7, and beat it. I loved FF 7, but the open world nature & sad themes of SaGa Frontier won me over to JRPG's (though it's ugly as hell). That, and the incredible Breath of Fire 3. I'm a sucker for deep themes like betrayal, religion, and anti-heroes as main characters (not necessesarily villains).

U should check out those 2 games. Also FF 8, Persona 3, Xenogears, and Phantasy Star 1,2, and 4. Deep stories, real thinker JRPG's.

Aceman182018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

i've been playing RPG since NES days with the original FFs games, but FF6(3) is my favorite FF of all time.

scotchmouth2018d ago

I'll always go back to it. Such a grand adventure.

Aceman182018d ago


you sure have excellent taste. i'm playing again on my vita :)

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NYC_Gamer2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

I'm a huge rpg fan but never played any FF game

BitbyDeath2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

For me it was how it started off as a small game pretty linear and then after many hours later it opens up into this gigantic world and that place where you were playing for hours was just a dot on the map.

Oblivion did something similar with coming out from the sewers although it didn't take anywhere near as long to get to that point.

insomnium22018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

LOL I was a little afraid to leave Midgar on my first playthrough.

This game really got me by the time I started understanding the junctions and Materia better. Levelling up your materia for a new spell was ADDICTING as hell. I was like 16yo when this game came out so it took me a while to understand things since english is not my main language.

I worked so hard to kill Emerald and Ruby. I spent a helluva lot of time in that underwater place where you get Hades iirc. I leveled up my kotrt-materia there and prepaired mentally for a brutal match XD

Good times..... :,)

Son_Lee2019d ago

It's my favorite RPG, but the game that got me started was Phantasy Star II. Watching my dad play that was something magical. Up until that point, I hated RPGs, thought they were boring. Now they're my favorite genre. Thanks, dad. <3

izumo_lee2019d ago

For me FF 4 was my first game in the series & to this day is still a fave of mine. However with FF 7 it was an experience that i could not fathom at the time. The scale was sooo much larger than in past games, the characters & story resonated with the fans. The one scene that everyone remembers was a moment that defined the game...that one moment turned this from being something more than just a game.

I have always said about FF7 is that whether you love it or hate it, people can not deny the fact that this game changed peoples views of the JRPG. A once niche genre that hardcore fans loved was now becoming more recognizable & accepted by all gamers. This game defined a generation & helped the infant Playstation 1 & Sony become a player in the industry.

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