3.0 Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D - 3DS Download Review

"Compasses are relied upon as tools for pointed navigation, but they are not without weaknesses. Their Achilles' heel? Magnets. Yes, the very thing used to supply that needed direction on an internal level is ultimately what prevents them from being infallible when used in conjunction. As a result of this, trusting individuals, whether they are experienced or not, can be thrown off course, completely misled, or worse. In the same level of detrimental attraction, Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D puts itself out there as a desirable destination point, but one quick peek is all it takes to ascertain its true form: a cramped wasteland with almost nothing going for it. Functional though it may be, the lack of any adequate principle along with the willful disregard for even an inkling of effective delivery make this an endeavour of pure foolishness." --

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