$15 Credit for Pre-ordering Madden NFL 13

Madden NFL is one of those franchises that's gauranteed to have a new version once a year just like Call of Duty. The game has a solid following and each year the new version is bought as faithfully as pizza on a Friday night. And, each year, the critics always say, "Do we need another Madden?" And, each year, the fans respond, "Yes!"

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JimmyJames702164d ago

I skipped last years but this year's graphics look much improved.

ChunkyLover532164d ago

Last years was the first Madden game I bought since NFL 2K5 stopped making games. I thought it was pretty good, this years version only worries me in that the Achievements seem hard to get, I like to unlock them slowly but surely throughout a season of the game.

Cra2yey32164d ago

Madden 11 was the better choice

Ima9er4Life2164d ago

Ima madden fan, this s a must buy

Drazz2164d ago

free 15 dollars for a game i was already getting.