U.S. game retail navigates longest console generation

The current console generation started nearly seven years ago -- exactly how has U.S. video game retail been dealing with such an extended cycle? Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews takes a close look.

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Blankman852168d ago

Truth time: I don't mind that this gen has been long. I love gaming but it is so darn expensive, I only got my 360 in 2008 and I'm happy that I've had 4 years with it and I wouldn't be mad @ one more year.
But that's just me and my selfish wants

Losyak2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

One more year, you say? Wish granted!

But, seriously, next-gen isn't coming until holiday-ish next year.

Elda2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

I would say thank God for the technology that's out,we don't have to go out & buy new consoles every 5yrs,now its every 8 to 10 yrs.

showtimefolks2168d ago

i agree with you 100% and i don't think neither MS or Sony are in any hurry either. They still have their systems selling for about 250-300 and they can drop the price a day before wii-u launch to steal all the thunder.

I want next gen when we can move the tech forward a bit, in my opinion we are not gonna see new systems from sony or ms till 2014. They will do what Nintendo did, show xbox720 and ps4 at next year's E3 than wait an year and show it again at E3 with a proper launch date and software support.

Why can't people accept the fact we are moving closer to 10 years cycle than ever before. These systems are so expensive and it takes a huge budget to launch and new machine along with the fact many developers are just now figuring out ps3 and xbox360 to their max.

If 2013 is the end of ps3 and xbox720 than what a year to go out, and go out with a huge bang

Gta 5
saints row 4(possibly)
metro last light
last of us
gears of war judgment
Tome Raider
Sly 4
Hitman(this maybe fall of this year not sure)
Insomniac's new game
Respawn new title
dead space 3
army of two
MGS title?
Last guardian

and much much more. And that is why i think we can see both sony and MS hold off on new consoles till 2014

Farsendor12168d ago

i agree and the people that feel like they want to move on and feel like they are in the next gen have already moved onto pc.

DeadlyFire2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

I am thinking a little differently than you.

Xbox 3 - E3 2013 debut and Q4 2013 launch!
PS4 - E3 2013 launch and Q2-Q3 2014 launch!

10 year cycle is not going to happen as mainstream 10 years just drops off the appeal with a sharp slap in the face when PC titles come around. Battlefield 3 PC vs. console versions is a clear example of this.

Consoles need short cycles to live. Yes they can sell and games could come out for them forever if they chose to let publishers publish to their platform like that. PS2 has 12 year cycle and still lives for the most part. PS3 has had 6 years. Will be 7 next year. Xbox 360 has had 8 years.