Wii U Can Do “1080p Without Breaking A Sweat”

Developer Two Tribes offered to answer questions – via Twitter – regarding Wii U’s version of Toki Tori 2.

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Abash2084d ago

Cant PS3/360 do 1080p without breaking a sweat...... for downloadable games, like Toki Tori 2?

The real test is 1080p retail games

darthv722084d ago

less talk more action.

Oh and as far as breaking a sweat. Wouldnt you want to break a sweat? It means whatever you are doing is to speak.

Army_of_Darkness2084d ago

1080p retail games?! Show me Nintendo! shoooow Me! and you will gain my respect once again.

SilentNegotiator2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

One of Wii U's first-party games are already confirmed 720p native. Along with others.

And those games aren't even impressive graphically or in scale.

I called it when the Wii U was announced and the big dogs of Nintendo danced around a "native 1080p" question from Geoff. I called it again when they showed that unimpressive coy/bird demo.

DeadlyFire2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

It doesn't take much to put on 1080 these days. I expect Sony and Microsoft will claim 1600p capable or something like that.

DeadlyFire2084d ago

Wow you guys don't know much about video cards do ya. I see 6 disagrees and not one trying to say anything about why.

Any decent card from the last 4+ years can push a game out on same level as PS3/X360 at 30+ fps at 1080 resolution.

Hisiru2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Pikmin 3 was a Wii game till last year and NSMBU is just a 2D platform and it's not really focused on graphics. If i you think this is unimpressive:

Then I think youre going to be disappointed with the next gen consoles. If youre also expecting to see a lot of PS4/x720 games with 1080p + 60fps and heavy 3D graphics.... oh well.. I feel bad for you. I hope you have a high end PC.

jeseth2083d ago

So couldn't a PS3 ... 6 years ago.

TruthbeTold2083d ago


That tech demo was awesome. I wonder why they abandoned it so thoroughly? Also the version of the shuriken game in the natural looking forest is way more appealing to me than the 'Nintendo land' version. But yeah, the Wii U is capable of some awesome visuals.

sikbeta2083d ago

New HW tends to do better stuff, it's not a surprise... at all.

Instigator2083d ago

That's one way to look at it. Although wouldn't it be all the better if you achieved maximum resolution without breaking a sweat? It means that the console has a lot more to go on.

"I see 6 disagrees and not one trying to say anything about why."

You've been here over 2000 days. You know how this works.

I didn't disagree with you, but at best I think 1600p will be to next gen what 1080p is for this gen; Achieveable, but a rarity. There's just no reason to invest in it yet.

Current HDTV's are just starting to find a place in livingrooms, and I don't know of any that's capable of more than 1080p. 1600p will be lost on pretty much everyone, and as such will only be an added expense for the developers, too. Expecting consumers to upgrade to a new TV every generation would be absurd.

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Shok2084d ago

He didn't say that for Toki Tori 1080p was easy (although obviously it is), he was saying in-general.

"Two Tribes thinks that the Wii U is ‘awesome’ and claims that it can display games at “1080p without breaking a sweat.”

Voxelman2084d ago

No they asked for questions about their game on Wii U

"How are the graphics turning out?? Are you guys happy on how powerful the WiiU is?” 1080p without breaking a sweat!"

The question is clearly about how the graphics of their game is turning out, to which they replied it was 1080p without breaking a sweat, not surprising considering it's 2D.

Nothing suggests they were talking in general. I mean how could they? They don't know what other developers are doing, in terms of graphics. Except for Nintendo's games which are all 720p, and Scribblenauts another 2D game.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

"It has been confirmed that the Wii U will be able to play games at 1080p but almost every game we have seen so far has only been running at 720p. Although there has been no official confirmation from the games developers, the Nintendo reps on the Chicago Wii U Experience tour did state Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition and Assassin’s Creed III will run natively at 1080p."

Either way I am getting a wiiU, ps4 & my pc so I no worries for me.

Next gen starts when Metro & crysis 3 comes.

raytraceme2084d ago

well u can say bf3 maxed on the pc is a peak of what next gen will be like.

metroid322084d ago

All 3rd party retail games have been confirmed to be1080p you blind fan boys so thats assasins creed 3 and co.

LightofDarkness2084d ago

Jesus, that CE3 video is amazing!

Voxelman2084d ago

Yes because a random poster on GameFAQs that claim to have been told something by random PR reps, is a reliable source...

Kos-Mos2083d ago

Crysis haha. If everything were about graphics....

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Knight_Crawler2084d ago

Me still waiting on Phil Harris promise to play my games at 1080p

AsimLeonheart2084d ago

Bro, the PS3 can play at 1080p BUT it has to sacrifice graphics in the process.I don't know why so many gamers do not understand the relationship between graphics, resolution and frame-rate. People always seem to think that the next generation will bring next-gen graphics, 1080p resolution and 60 fps. All three of these things depend upon each other and the developers' choice. You see if you increase the graphics (polygon count, texture detail, physics and lighting) and display resolution (1080p or 720p), the frame rate will drop. Graphics and resolution have a inversely proportional relationship to frame-rate. If the developer's decide to maintain 60fps then they will have to sacrifice graphics. If they improve the graphics they will have to sacrifice the frame rate. Therefore the developers' settle at the 30fps so they can achieve the highest possible graphical detail at an acceptable frame-rate. It does not matters if it is next-gen or current gen; the trade off between graphics and frame rate is in the hand of the developer. The same is true for the Wii-U

badz1492084d ago

is this guy thinking that gamers only look at resolution?

what's the fps? AA? the machine can display 4k or 8k resolution for all I care but what's the point if the games are like slideshows?

ChickeyCantor2084d ago

It's pretty much implied that it runs at least 30 frames a sec.

"without-breaking-a-swea t" translates pretty much to without trouble.

tachy0n2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

1080p is possible on the PS3 and Xbox360


with low resolution textures and low FPS

check this video:

wishingW3L2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Wipeout HD and Virtua Tennis are both 1080p/60fps and look really nice while Toki Tora 2 leave a lot to be desired:

Kurt Russell2084d ago

Rayman Origins is full 1080 I think... looks superb for it too!

ZoyosJD2084d ago

Well, considering that the PS3 played Ninja Gaiden at 1080p and 30fps, and Wipeout HD and Virtua Tennis run at 1080p and 60fps, so long as the WiiU is processing for one screen then it should be at 1080p and 60fps no matter.

Yet everyone seems to be completely ignoring the fact that the the WiiU has the burden of prossecing for its controller(s) as well. I would assume that this is why devs are hesitant, processing for upto 3 screens in 720p is much harder than 1 in 1080p.

Anyone still claiming that the WiiU is less powerful than 360/PS3 is ignorant of the obvious and you will just have to see it yourself when the WiiU releases.

akaakaaka2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

wow KZ2 still looks next gen lol in most areas... specially gameplay and animations (special effects) are still unmatched next to GOW3

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yabhero2084d ago

Uh Oh N4G! Positive WiiU news!
Gotta spin it into something negative!

TheGameFoxJTV2084d ago

Exactly, we were hearing this at the start of the current gen, lol. Look how well 1080p claims held up for this generation.

Apex132084d ago

No thy cant and only ps 3 had one or two games that came close. Gow and kz3

All others games were 720 at best

TemplarDante2084d ago

Short, brilliant honest reply and exactly what I was going to say.
1080p for downloadable games.

I cant wait for the real next gen consoles.

showtimefolks2084d ago

Why is this news a system coming out in fall 2012 should be able to do 1080p.

And a system can do 1080p To whether a developer will take advantage of that is a big difference. Expect the same thing 3rd parties will be happy with 720p while 1st and 2nd party studios will help make wii u shine. 3rd parties have a job to make sure each system gets the equal looking/playing games

But here is a thought when xbox720 and ps4 do come out and can get DX11 to work than how good will the wii u be? I am super exacted about playing Nintendo games in HD but lets not get ahead of our self they are only now catching up to what Sony and MS have delivered since 2005-2006. And the moment both of them release their next system they will over shadow wii u tech wise again.

THESONYPS32083d ago

Lol the WiiU will be outdated garbage when the ps4 and 720 are out.

tachy0n2083d ago

the same for the PS4/720. LOL

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Lord_Sloth2084d ago

I should hope so since HD hit consoles a generation before it.

Even the original XBox had Ninja Gaiden in HD. Sure it was 480p but it was also 2 generations prior to the Wii U.

linkratos2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Native 1080p is alot different than upscaled 540p or 720p (which is what you're dealing with on PS360 unless it's a DL game like WipeOut).

Lord_Sloth2084d ago

That has nothing to do with my point. It's the next console generation! If it couldn't do native 1080p then Nintendo would be half the power of it's generation...Again!

SlavisH22084d ago

ok welcome to current gen! now if it can do [email protected] or 120fps then i'd give the system a second glance!

linkratos2084d ago

Native 1080p is above current gen. 60 fps (@1080p) is also confirmed.

LX-General-Kaos2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

This is very positive news for all future supporters of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Just months away from being blessed with true next generation visuals, and technical prowess.

A special thanks goes to the hard workers under the Nintendo umbrella. For pushing console technical specs and graphical capability to never before seen heights.

1080p will hopefully be the new standard for next Generation on competing consoles as well.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming

Rated E For Everyone

BitbyDeath2084d ago

You sure it's coming out this year Kaos? I don't think a date has been set yet by Nintendo yet.

Apex132084d ago

They have said wold wide by holiday season a lt of times. I think oct/November

LX-General-Kaos2084d ago

As a_adji said i believe they will. Nintendo has said this year quite a few times if i remember correctly. Hopefully no delays for us long time Elite supporters.