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Submitted by Donski 1285d ago | news

Amazon Outs NBA 2K13 As “Better With Kinect”

2K Sports has slowly been releasing news for NBA 2K13, with a well-timed announcement each month. This month, it was revealed Jay-Z would be the Executive Producer for NBA 2K13′s soundtrack. With the announcement also comes news that the game will be getting brand new cover art, with Jay-Z being featured on the top right of each respective cover. (NBA 2K13, Xbox 360)

DaThreats  +   1285d ago
More like
More of a headache with Kinect
EVILDEAD360  +   1285d ago
Lol @ the Kinect hate in the article...

Kinect Sports 2's DLC quietly added basketball and it's the best motion control basketball there out there. It isn't the full game it emulates the allstar game 3-point contest, which NBA Live used to include back in EAs earlier titles.

Kinect could easily be used for foul shots which would actually be a blast. But nobody is really jumping all in with Kinect this far. People bash RARE for developing K Sports but those two titles still destroy anything that have come since.

Biggest  +   1285d ago
"it's the best motion control basketball there out there."

How many games is it up against to win such a title? Didn't people were clamoring for a motion control "fake jumpshot" game. I used to do that as a kid. . . But in preparation for doing it in an actual game of basketball.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1284d ago
@ Biggest

Wii Sports has a basketball free throw game in it.

I agree that there is not much competition out there when it comes to basketball motion games, but for what there is, Kinect sports 2 is the best thus far which isn't really saying much but like Evildead is stating, it's kind of like a side point. Out of all 2 motion control games available on the market for basketball, K sports 2 is the best.

As for you not knowing the people were clamouring for a motion control fake jumpshot game, I have been wanting one since I was in high school 15 years ago.

I live in Canada on a farm....getting somewhere when I was a kid to play basketball was difficult to say the least, let alone 6 months of the year it's either cold or snowing.

I wish motion games were around when I was younger. Would have been nice to play something inside where it's was warm then to have to walk down to the pond, shovel off the snow and play hockey by myself all the time.
EVILDEAD360  +   1284d ago
'How many games is it up against to win such a title?'

Both the last two NBA 2Ks were Move compatable. And as for people clamouring for it, who are you to say they are not.

It's just a fun alternative to playing with the controller. The world wasnt 'clamouring' for a 'fake bowling' game when Wii Sports came out either..but you didn't see people whine that they could play the 'real thing instead'.

I own all the motion control systems and at the end of the day it may not be for everyone but millions actually do.

DAKing240  +   1285d ago
Yeah, really not sure what to expect from it.
optimus  +   1285d ago
I have yet to play a game that's "better with kinect" but i wouldn't be so quick to discredit this game as it is currently the "standard" of basketball games. I doubt 2k games would "dumb down" their game for use with kinect...

if anything they could very well raise the bar for games claiming to be "better with..." one thing i could think of to make it "better" is voice selection. Actually calling out "time out", making substitutions, plays, etc. without having to go through the menu which keeps getting bigger and bigger each year...

i won't run out and get this one the 1st day but i will wait and see how much "better" it actually is.
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ChunkyLover53  +   1285d ago
Try Mass Effect 3, Skyrim or Forza 4 with Kinect. I especially enjoyed Skyrim, makes it so much easier to use inventory. The Forza 4 head tracking and Auto-Vista with Kinect were pretty solid as well.

Actually looking forward to the call-outs with Madden 13 with Kinect.
calis  +   1285d ago
It could be for side games like Free Throws...but not entirely sure how they would get it to work.
Chug  +   1285d ago
Looks like marketing to me.
the worst   1285d ago | Trolling | show
IHateYouFanboys  +   1285d ago
replacing menu driven things like timeout calls and defensive/offensive patterns with voice controls is a great idea, and thats what id assume theyll be doing.

and yes, that does make it "better with kinect" just like how most of the other games that use kinect to replace menu-driven things end up being better with kinect.
nevin1  +   1285d ago
It does sounds okay, but at the end of the day, I don't won't to use my voice when I can just press select.
KMCROC54  +   1285d ago
We wouldn't want you to strain those vocal cords now would we .
Biggest  +   1285d ago
I wonder why a regular mic can't do the same things we're suggesting here. Could the reason "better with Kinect" is stated be because it's only allowed with Kinect?
raytraceme  +   1285d ago
All that reads to me is "Better Lag with kinect"
The move had potential with 2k12 but without the incl. of the navigation controller it was a fail.
DC1980  +   1285d ago
Better with Playstation Move
Belking  +   1285d ago
I doubt it... Developers are running away from the move. Sony blew it with that thing.
Bigpappy  +   1285d ago
There are many things that can be done with Kinect that would be great options: Calling plays; calling special moves; shooting free-throws; customizing players; doing trades; calling time-outs; changing players by calling names...

Tthose are just a few.
Biggest  +   1285d ago
So. . . Talking, talking, free-throw, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking? Sounds like an AWESOME way to play a game!
iceman06  +   1285d ago
Exactly what I was thinking. No disrespect to Kinect, but companies haven't really leveraged it's abilities at all. It is being used (mostly) as an expensive microphone. In which case, couldn't we all just put on a headset and do the same? At least the Star Wars game gave the ol' college try and went all out (to very mixed results of course) with the implementation of Kinect. As of right now, that Better With Kinect statement is simply a marketing push.
bahabeast  +   1285d ago
sony could of had all this with the ps3 from 2008 mabe even earlier, but nooo they choose to make a stupid wand. im not saying its great but its a option and something to get off on, kinect mite not bee that good for games rite now but voice controlling something is always bad a##.
SilentNegotiator  +   1284d ago
LOL, "outs"? More like "copy-pasted the marketing pdf"

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