The Non-Specific Action Show Episode 2 Wraps Up June

Alanah Pearce talks about the last headlines of June in the Non-Specific Action Show this week!

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MrMushroom1943d ago

I bet your glasses are all steamed up...

RioKing1943d ago

I'd "pearce" her too, haha.

thetrugamer1943d ago

Yeah I bet she has a real thing for internet dwelling nerds.

Marz1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Great headlines!
also she's hot, she just needs to show both of her eyes next time.

Dualshockers_Carlos1943d ago

Wow, how about laying off the misogynistic comments. My goodness, calm the hell down.

Go Alanah!

appleapple1942d ago

misogynist and sexist mean two different things.

dotarray1943d ago

...why is a video wrapping up the latest headlines from June being published on the second-to-last day of July?