Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s Cancellation Proves Square Enix Isn't Capable of Making Good Decisions

Back in 2006, I wasn’t a videogame journalist yet. At that point, the PS3 wasn’t even out yet, and when it did come out, it was far too expensive for me to consider buying one. I mean, I was just a broke college student.

But one day, I casually walked into a GameStop and saw the trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Yes, this was the trailer that had debuted at 2006’s E3.

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Kamikaze1352337d ago

You know....I feel that Versus XIII DID get canceled and it's being developed as FFXV. It's too high budget of a project to just flat out cancel and it's been so anticipated through the years. It probably won't get that mature rating it was supposed to get due to becoming a mainstream FF game.

Another thing to note is that Versus XIII was supposedly going to include a giant world like the older and more traditional FF games....which is something that "FFXV" is rumored to have.

Then there is the part where the rumors mentioned that FFXV started getting worked on shortly after XIII released.....which was around the time that SE mentioned Versus XIII development went into full throttle.

With that said, I'm sure that FFXV aka Versus XIII will be announced later this year and get released next year since they supposedly want to shorten development cycles.

user54670072337d ago

Thats what I think aswell but the thing is if this is true how does Nomura feel about this

FF13 Versus was his project, the reason he wanted to make it exclusively for the PS3 was so he could focus his time and effort on a machine which could bring his vision to life without limitations, FF13s cut content prooves he probably didn't want the same to happen to verus.

So what will he feel like now that his project...the story he's been building up for 6 years now is going to be made into FF15 which is a Multiplatform game. I mean if FF15 is exclusive to the PS3 then fair enough I bet he would be fine with it, happier even that a FF spin off is now a main title game but if it is MP and then have to cut a ton of stuff out of the game and dumb things down Nomura would be devestated. I wonder if he would leave Square and continue to put up with them...will they force him to make KH3 multiplatform? So many questions

If it is cancelled completely I really want to know how Nomura feels about this.

Irishguy952337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

I think he will be happy to be honest, Wada would not give him a main series FF, if he is given the title FF15 he has proven himself to them.

Basically, if he gets 15, Wada will have to admit Nomura deserved a chance in the first place.

Wada"i've been trying to salvage this POS ffxiii when I shoulda given Nomura and the team the go ahead to make versus at full speed"

Reibooi2337d ago

I would be willing to bet that if Versus has become XV that Nomura is still in full control of the project and that little will be changed in the transition. Nomura is a very important part of SE as he is easily the only guy in the company who can consistently put out quality games. I doubt the upper management of the company would risk pissing him off in any way. Now I don't know for sure but if I was him I would think he may like to have Versus become XV as it won't have the name association with XIII(which alot of people don't like)

On top of the fact that just becoming XV doesn't prove that it will all of a sudden become multiplatform. SE saw first hand that FFXIII sold a majority of it's copies on PS3 and while the 360 did get some sales they would have to weigh the trade off in quality and keeping Nomura happy against that. SE probably knows they are not very popular right now and getting Versus out as Versus or XV and still being exclusive can be something of a vanity project.(i.e it will like not make as much money but will be a positive mark on their record as far as the fans are concerned)

All that said I am really getting annoyed with all these articles poping up about it being cancelled. It was a RUMOR and until SE confirms or denies it people should treat it as such but since the original rumor broke we have had like 3 articles treating it as if it was fact.

morganfell2337d ago

Amazing how a rumor has now become a matter of fact announcement.

Oh wait, it's people taking another stab at being game journalists.

I am not saying that it isn't cancelled, merely that without a confirmation reporting Kotaku's earlier speculation as fact is irresponsible and a disservice to the game community.

Darrius Cole2337d ago

1. I don't think that FFvs13 could be made multi-plat without a major downgrade in visual quality.

2. Besides if Versus is indeed not cancelled then it should get a release date next year. I think that would be too soon for a numbered FFXV.

That has me leaning toward Versus still carrying it same name...or at least not being call FFXV.

creatchee2337d ago


BUT if it becomes FFXV, maybe it goes multiplayform on next-gen consoles. At that point, the disparity between 360's and PS3's storage mediums would be null, considering DVD will obviously no longer be a factor.

Disccordia2337d ago

But.. the XV rumour was supposedly directed by the guy who did 9 and 12 and whose name I forget. Nomura relegated once again to character designer.

wishingW3L2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

@Darrius Cole visuals are not the problem, to me, it's the content! The game will either be scattered on multiple discs making the experience all disjointed or they will cut tons of stuff to make it on only 1 DVD9. No matter what Square does we lose.

And I think it'll be better if Square starts the development of FFXV on next gen consoles because seeing how slow they are by the time the game comes out this gen will be more than dead.

Darrius Cole2335d ago


I was thinking about graphical assets. They could something like Skyrim, on 1 DVD9, but Skyrim doesn't have the graphical diversity of Final Fantasy and the graphical assets that are present don't approach the quality of FFXIII. And FF13 was gutted of content, degraded in quality, and made linear as hell all for the sake of 3 DVD9's.

So, you are correct. Unless they all the way back to PS2 graphics...early PS2 graphics we are screwed if it is multi-plat.

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under taker 342337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

tombraider and deus ex's sequel is probably on SE's mind, those just cause 3, ff13-3 and batman arkham world. too many games for them to start splitting up tasks let alone finishing them.

Whitefeather2337d ago

Rocksteady was bought by WB way before Arkham City. Square Enix has no ties to it anymore.

WeskerChildReborned2337d ago

I know, it had potential so i'm hoping that it was so good that it had to be a numbered sequel thus it maybe being XV.

geddesmond2336d ago

This is just another one of those shitty rumours made up to get everyone talking. There is no way SE would cancel the only final fantasy game fans are excited for. If any FF game got canceled its FF13-3 because hardly anyone wants another crappy title from that crappy world.

If anything, only the name of the game got changed and not canceled. I mean if SE did cancel this game then they might as well just close up their doors for good because no fan will ever like them again especially after dragging fans through 6 years of anticipation for a game that won't see the light of day.

Flewid6382336d ago

It's been confirmed already, dear.

Ranma12336d ago

I dont know a single good console games SE made this gen.

Do you?

turgore2336d ago

Well not made, but they published Deus Ex: HR. Also sleeping dogs seems to be a great game judging by early reviews.

darthawesome902336d ago

I hope it just became FFXV, like the rumor that was released in May revealing that Versus may be multi-platform for the Wii U and PS3. If not then someone needs to start firing some people and replacing them with talent.

here is the link to the Wii U multiplat and re-branding rumor

I don't really think it's cancelled. It has everything going for it. Likeable characters (from what we've seen), dark like FFVII, great aesthetics, huge fan base, etc. If they can't perfect something that has been in dev. for six years then what makes Square-Enix believe that they can create FFXV? (assuming it's not FF-Versus rebranded)

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Kanzes2337d ago

They made FF13-3 instead. lol. way to go to make fans angry, SE

CaitSith2337d ago

How many XIII-(insert iteration here) do you need for you to get angry?

xflo3602337d ago

I think they should just hand over final fantasy franchise to level 5 so a decent developer can make a proper final fantasy with a rich open world.

richierich2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Please no more FF13 spinoffs FF13-2 was more than enough. Square just concentrate on Versus

LiamDirish2337d ago

If FFv13 is cancelled it will have been a huge waste of time and is the result of very bad decisions and bad management. I really don't know what's going on over in SE but they had better sort it out or the Final Fantasy brand is gonna be dead pretty soon.

skyrim2337d ago

The game is still being made it's just ffxv now they literally just changed the name.People are saying all this canceled stuff just for hits I assure you the game is intact just under a new name and release schedule.