Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Nomura Asks For Your Patience…Again

Final Fantasy Versus XIII director requests patience as developers trying their best to "bring information to the fans quickly as we can."

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sinncross1998d ago


I am sure the game will get released but it is honestly ridiculous how long it is taking at this point.

princejb1341998d ago

as long as the game comes put great and not a disaster like ff13, take your sweet time

Outside_ofthe_Box1998d ago

I was ok with Nomura taking his time with FFV13 until... FF13-2 released..

nix1998d ago

AGAIIIINNNNNNNNNNNN?????? *stomps foot*

paybackprahl1998d ago

I would normally agree, but the wait for this game has been f***ing ridiculous. In my opinion, the future of Square Enix in the West literally depends on this game.

b163o11998d ago

Not even mad at this point, it's too many games coming out this year. It will come out when it's done, and I will be there to purchase it...

xGrunty1998d ago


So with you on that one man. Done waiting. This is so stupid.

MaxXAttaxX1997d ago

After 13, instead of focusing on Versus, they give us 13-2, a game no one asked for.

Pushagree1997d ago

My patience ran out in 2010. If it was going to take this long to release, why announce it before the freaking ps3 even came out? You dangled the carot in front of our noses too long and we just decided to go find another better carrot. I'll bet the game has taken so long because they decided to port it to the 360 a few years ago, but they cant figure out how to do it without the game being gimped and terrible like 13 was. if that's the case, dont even bother releasing it. We don't need to see anymore gimped garbage.

FACTUAL evidence1997d ago

Yeah I gave up on this after the announcement of FF13-2. Now I'm on the whole 'if it comes it comes, if it doesn't oh well' crowd...I'm more excited of thinking of a FF15 than anything atm.

Iceman X1997d ago

Damm right guys this will be SWEET, let them take their time, we'll all be right there waiting day 1 for purchase for me!!!

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zeddy1998d ago

they're asking for out patience while they port the game over to the 360.

Lulz_Boat1998d ago

no way.
inferior is inferior.

Snookies121998d ago

If that happens it'll ruin this game. Absolutely ruin it the way XIII was ruined gameplay-wise by going multiplatform. Nothing against 360, but it was blatantly obvious the 360 version was inferior, which in turn caused the PS3 version to suffer. If you don't believe me, look at the whole fiasco with Square using the PS3 version for the 360 version's commercial.

GiggMan1998d ago

I don't think that's true, but could you imagine the first footage since the last trailer debuting at the end of MS's conference? *shivers*

RedDead1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

GiggMan, do you not remember when FFXIII was announced for the 360? It was epic. The butthurt were loud

haha tears were shed back then, that was back when Xiii looked good though. I hope this one does not go multi, simply because at best it will take longer to come out. It's alright if they start porting the game over but, just don't let it affect the Ps3 one.

GiggMan1998d ago

Lol I remember but I think this one would probably sting a little more. Tears will be shed lol.

Darrius Cole1998d ago

It would sting a LOT more. We've already seen a FF game be severely downgraded by going multi-plat. Versus would be no different.

WonderboyIII1997d ago

I am getting sick of this "game is inferior because its being ported to 360" load of crap. Guys, seriously, the crown of JRPGs for the last 10 years of game making is clearly not on either consoles. So if the Wii holds the crown of best JRPG with Xenoblade, I demand this stupid debate on inferior 360 porting to shut the f$%^ up.Both consoles suck are JRPG when comapred to a giant like Xenoblade. So Squirtix, please take your head our of your ass and started designing real games please.

MWH1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

@WonderboyIII well said brother, don't expect too many agrees in this place though but indeed, who gives the shit.

note: added The Last Story. so there, the best two JRPG games of this gen are on Wii.

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LaChance1998d ago

6 years in the making, information blackout for several years until that trailer 2 years ago than another blackout, FF13 initially delayed to make a 360 version, Square Enix looking for that Western money


Multiplat version confirmed.

You have to be in serious denial to think that there isnt at least 70% chance that the 360 version is in the works.

gaffyh1998d ago

I don't think anyone doubts that there isn't a chance, LaChance, but most people are hoping it doesn't happen because it will affect the composition of the game and make it take even longer.

adorie1998d ago

LaTroll, at it again, eh?

jetlian1997d ago

your probably right. whats funny is 13-2 was better looking than 13 and it was more open and the 360 version was equal.

So 360 really didnt have an effect on 13.. 13 just sucked(or so they say l never played it)

darthseth241997d ago

A 360 version no.
A wiiu version yes.

stonecold31997d ago

if you want ffvs 13 you will need to get a ps3 next time it will be runningn on ps3 hardware

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Lucretia1998d ago

its not ridiculous how long its taking. It took YEARS to get ff12 i remember.'

the problem is that when square announced the Fabula Nova Complilation they just revealed everything that was part of it. including Planned Versus.

they were hyping people for the compilation, and versus was known to not be in real development.

but people took it as an official announcement of (its coming out soon)

no, it will come out when its done, i dont see anyone freakin out about the last part of the ff7 complilation not even being shown yet, so patience people

supremacy1998d ago

I know, tell me about it. This game has now made the list of the waiting game hall of fame. Along with some notable company...

The last guardian
Too human
Alan wake
Duke nukem
Am alive

I guess next gen can wait a little while longer if this small list is any indication of things to expect.

Ken221998d ago

For f*cks sake at least give a new trailer or something for the mean time-__-.

firelogic1998d ago

They just don't have anything to show. They literally have nothing.

Xof1997d ago

It's vaporware. So long as they never release it, fans can still look at it as a "promise" that S-E is still a competent developer.

They can still say, "Oh, sure Final Fantasy XIII sucked, but Versus is on the way and it'll make up for past failures!"

They can still say, "Oh, sure Final Fantasy XIII-2 sucked, but Versus is on the way and it'll make up for past failures!"

They can still say, "Oh, sure Final Fantasy XIV sucked, but Versus is on the way and it'll make up for past failures!"

Do you see the pattern?

sack_boi1998d ago

I'm ready to bet a liver right now that this game is coming to the X360. Disagree all you want, but bookmark this page and bring it back up after E3.

LOL_WUT1998d ago

Yeah i agree with this.

rezzah1998d ago

I disagree because you have no proof for your reasoning, only a choice hoping for a repetition of what already occurred.

There is no way to know for sure which side will come out in the end, but I rather they do not repeat what they have done to FF13.

NBT911997d ago

I want this to be a multi plat, every RPG gamer, regardless of console choice, should have the right to play this game after how long it has taken.

But hey, if it remains a PS3 exclusive, I call dibs on your liver!

gintoki7771998d ago

Take your time in creating your masterpiece Nomura, however stick to the original plan or we will be angry...

ReservoirDog3161998d ago

Haha, regardless of any impatience, this game'll honestly probably be worth the wait. If the combat system is a further refinement of the combat system of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, then the game's gonna be incredibly good. I was so surprised that BBS's combat was so deep and fun, especially for a PSP game.

Of topic though, does anyone have gamefly? I need someone to refer me.

adorie1998d ago

People need to understand what company he is working for.. Square Enix. I'm sure his time developing this game isn't the most pleasant, at least with regards to the people he answers to.

JANF1998d ago

I can't believe they have not launched this game yet.

t0mmyb0y1997d ago

Kids these days have no patience.

WitWolfy1995d ago

Most of the angered fans here were still kids when they first announced this ironically.

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Prcko1998d ago

quickly as we can????
are you stupid???
5 years since announcment and you say to me that you wanna bring information to fans QUICKLY as you can???
cannot belive this -,-

Hellsvacancy1998d ago

I know, could it be that hard to show a single screen shot or summin?

LightofDarkness1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

It's not really Nomura's fault. He was promised a dedicated, concerted effort to bring his game to the finish line as soon as development of FFXIII concluded. Instead, SE decided to stroke their own ego and devote those resources in to proving that FFXIII didn't suck by releasing FFXIII-2 (and because the current director of Final Fantasy games has apparently been afflicted with the same chromosome deficiency as Wada, making them dumb buddies), which obviously backfired on them once again.

fossilfern1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

I hope they dont do a XIII-2 and have a "To be Continued" ending. I will be beyond pissed I will be livid!

But with the way SE is now I wouldn't be surprised

Lucretia1998d ago

um, if u knew anything about versus u would have learned it just went into full development a year ago. but then again u dont know much

LightofDarkness1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )


I've noticed you lack the ability to respond to people without childish insults, so let's be straight here:

Check your sad little e-peen at the door. Nobody cares that you read an article about a videogame and think you're on the inside track and totally elite. Furthermore you haven't proven a thing. The game still hadn't gone into full development until Sept. 2011, while they were wrapping up production on XIII-2. That's still nearly 2 years since they wrapped up production on XIII, and the game hadn't entered full production until September 2011. 8 months =/= 1 year.

Lose the attitude, kid.

wolokowoh1998d ago

Good points. We all have to remember Nomura has been working on other projects and Versus 13 keeps being put on lowest priority. All you have to do is look at the games he's credited for and you'll see he's worked on most of the JRPGs Squre Enix has put out since Versus 13 was announcd including games that he directed or was the creative producer for.

dredgewalker1997d ago

It would be funny if Versus was delayed because they busy were making FFXIII-3. I just don't have faith in the current Square anymore. I waited years for a PS3 FF game and when it did, it bored the hell out of me and didn't even finish it. I think the only way to save Square is to fire Wada and replace him with a monkey.

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fossilfern1998d ago

So frustrating! 5 YEARS! IM NEARLY 22!!!!!! This thing was announced When I was 17!!!!!

NukaCola1998d ago

I know. FFversusXIII and my daughter are the same age.

fossilfern1998d ago


Yeah when you think about it 5 years is a long time. Though I'm far from old but I'm not getting any younger here! Lol

Its funny that they can release two FF13 games in a space of 2 years or so and hardly anything has been said about Versus 13 which looks far more promising than 13 ever did.

mep691998d ago

Same man :/ 1 month till im 22

rezzah1998d ago

Wow when you put it like that I find it almost hard to believe.

Similar situation but I recently turned 21.

TotalHitman1997d ago

The game was announced when I was 11. Now I'm 17...

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FFXI1011998d ago

The staff aren't the ones to blame. I blame the decision maker, the higher up people.

The game could have been done already if they pour their resource together instead of spread out their teams and working on mutiple games at sametime.

Darrius Cole1998d ago

Yeah, I don't get this "as quickly as we can" stuff.

I don't understand why video game makers won't give the public what they ask for. Why did we get 13-2 when we wanted vs13? (actually I know the answer to that...they had so much cut content from FF13 that they chose to make a new game with it.) Why won't Ninja Theory give us Heavenly Sword 2? Why can't we get Bayonetta 2? Why did Team Ninja have to change Ninja Gaiden?

I don't get. We tell them what games we want, but they make some other game, and the other game almost never sells. Which make sense because he public never wanted the game in the first place.

....And, It's been 6 years, or at least it will be 6 years come E3 next month. The original FFXIII and FFvsXIII trailers were first shown at E3 2006.

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KillerPwned1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Hmm I wanna just say fuck you SE but instead of putting all your work into this title you fucked around way to much. Now you got fans very angry for what looks to be one of the most hyped FF titles in history. If you do not deliver soon shit will hit the fan.

I bet they can give us some sort of info like stated above some screen shots every few months on how development is coming along.

Reborn1998d ago

Sorry, but unless someone is holding him back from issuing information. I don't see how maybe a screenshot here, and there. Couldn't be shown?

Pozzle1998d ago

I'm wondering what happened to those gameplay videos that were supposedly shown in "closed theaters" at E3. Surely they can be shown to the public by now??

Lucretia1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

You need gameplay? Here it is. View In HD ofcourse

At the 3:20 Mark approx starts gameplay

ps3rulz1998d ago

How come I never herd of or seen this before?
Looks amazing.

MorbidPorpoise1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

@PS3rulz, you honestly never seen that video? Its been around since late 2010/early 2011.

Nate-Dog1998d ago

I'm pretty sure Squeenix are holding him back, he even said around a month or two that he is simply not allowed to talk about or give out any extra information on Versus. Especially with Final Fantasy I think Enix have a really rigid schedule, even in terms of minor announcements it seems.

That being said, despite this still being my most looked-forward to title for a while now I am simply getting bored of waiting for news. When we do start to get an influx of news finally (presumably in the last 12 month run-up to the release... if that ever happens) I'll look forward to it again and get hyped, but for now I'm just forgetting about it.

-Doctor-BD1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

VS13 is still in the concept art stages. :-)

Summons751998d ago

No it's not they even said a few months ago they are nearly done just working out bugs and some kinks so it will be good on release.......unless you want them to rush it make it in under two years and have a completely broken game and a story that makes no sense *cough*call of duty*cough*

-Doctor-BD1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

@ Summons75
I wasn't being serious, you know.
That's why i put the ":-)" at the end.