Square Enix Confirms Fake-Seeming Final Fantasy XV Trailer is Indeed Fake

Kotaku: "The footage in the video was from Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which led many to the conclusion that that long-awaited (possibly vaporous) game had been 'upgraded' to Final Fantasy XV.

And yet... still, no. Kotaku reached out to ask Square Enix about the whole thing, and a representative told us flat-out, 'We can confirm that the trailer is fake.'"

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versusALL2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

I knew it but a small part of me felt a little excited. Maybe it was that fact of hearing news on VXIII or I don't know.

Either way at this point I really don't care if the game went multplatform. I mean it's been six years. I just play the damn game now.

wishingW3L2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

that's more reason to stay exclusive instead of being gimped for the sake of a multiplat release. But it's rumored that the Wii U has a high capacity disc just like the PS3, so at the end I don't think quality and content would have been affected anyway.

EcoSos32089d ago

Well they didnt waste anytime confirming that its fake but when it comes to give some information about the game just sit down and wait. With this E3 it will be 6 years since it was announce.

Megaton2089d ago

The lack of a 360 logo somewhere was an immediate red flag. Nobody has been more receptive to Microsoft moneybags this generation than SquareEnix. If it's going multi, which I believe it will, it will undoubtedly be on a Microsoft platform.

RedDead2089d ago

Hopefully a surprise demo and release date in 3 months time @ E3 ---- yeah...not likely but still, a man can dream

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The story is too old to be commented.