Front Towards Gamer Radio 112: The FTG Wednesday Traffic Chopper

Shanghai Six and the crew are back with another episode of the Wednesday Traffic Chopper to get you through your humpday and onto the weekend!
This week, Front Towards Gamer’s token black guy, TurboBison, joins the crew to discuss trying to marathon through the entire Telltale Games Sam and Max catalog, Gamergirl and Shanghai Six tiptoe around spoilers talking about Walking Dead Episode 2, while Batman5273 tells us all about the “bad comic book” his dad brought home for him when he was 10 years old! The crew also has a laugh at dumb kids and their dumber parents who don’t realize that you use actual money when you buy things on Xbox Live Marketplace and then poke a little fun at Tekken Tag Tournament: Jiggly Boobs Edition!

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