Unity Engine Wins 'Best Engine' at Develop Awards and 'AlwaysOn Global 250' at AlwaysOn

DSOGaming writes: "Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity multi-platform engine and development tools, is thrilled to share that Unity was awarded top honors in the Best Engine category at the 2012 Develop Awards. Additionally, Unity Technologies was recently chosen by AlwaysOn as a winner for both the AlwaysOn Global 250 and OnMobile Top 100."

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Sephris2349d ago

I just wrote something up for City of Steam that uses the Unity engine and it is pretty amazing. Definitely comparable to Havok which has been one of the biggest names in the industry. It's nice to see Unity getting the attention it deserves.

Kurylo3d2349d ago

I think your a little confused. Unity is awesome, I use it myself. I just think your confused about what it is. Unity is a game engine. Havok is a physics engine. You dont really compare the 2.

Sephris2349d ago

Heh heh..I wasn't confused, just tired and not thinking strait. I was thinking Quake but my fingers obviously wanted to make me look like a dork. Thanks for pointing that out to me and helping me save a little of my dignity. :)

R_aVe_N2349d ago

Very solid engine if you ask me. I have worked with it a few times on some projects and it always goes very smoothly.

isarai2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

100% deserved, the engine is a godsend for newcomers to the development industry like myself. Instead of making everything automatic is just makes things very simple so you actually learn while you're freely creating. tried UDK and sucked major ass at it and wasn't making much progress, then i got into unity and after a few months on it UDK actually became easier to understand and use. Although honestly i think Unity has a LOT more flexibility in terms of what you can produce