Kinect, Move backlash inevitable, but "short-sighted" publishers blocking progress - dev

The arrival of motion control to the Xbox 360 and PS3 was inevitably going to cause a backlash, but it’s the fault of risk-averse publishers that more progress hasn’t been made, according to Blitz CTO Andrew Oliver.

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rulakir2169d ago

That is a shame on the developers end. Motion control is quite fun whether is on Kinect or PS Move. Both of these devices are quite entertaining. If developers took the time to make really good games for these devices or incorporate them to already released games(i know some games already have this feature) that would make games more fun. Developer nowadays are really lazy and just want to rush games out.

ChunkyLover532169d ago

New technology always gets a lot of skepticism and almost always faces backlash. People don't like change, or they fear it. People think if Microsoft and Sony are starting to offer motion controlled games, that they wont offer anything else, which is just plain old silly.

I don't think people realize that Move and Kinect have been out for less than two years apiece. I wish developers would take the time to fully develop unique games for these devices. Sorcery was a step in the right direction for Move, and I really like The Gunstringer on Kinect. Hopefully Fable The Journey will be solid since its a first party title, those tend to turn out better since they take their time with the technology.

For me, motion controls will always be something I use from time to time, but its a fun change of pace.

Shadonic2169d ago

I've been saying this for a while how developers haven't really been doing much with kinect and move. I may be seen as a usual kinect fanatic but what I'm saying is true I mean when you have some random guy from Canada makeIng FPS games playable with kinect and it actually works takeing out the need of a controller but have big companies aren't even able to do it or just neglect it is just weird and makes them look lazy.

MilkMan2169d ago

No, its that the tech sucks balls.
If it was hot and more to the point accurate. They would invest in it.
With Kinect the BEST you can do is exaggerated movements which are ideal for dancing and the like, not pinpoint precision gaming. So you bought an expensive camera. Why bother when Xbox HAD a camera in market for $20 bucks, remember that?
and it comes with a free mic.
Sorry you had you buy the $120 or $199 gimmicky camera.
The Move is nothing more than a Wii remote, and that's fine, if you want to play some choice Wii games in HD which is what Sony has been doing. Raiding Nintendo's library for the best games and converting them to HD.
But the core gamers in Sony's stable are not going to buy the Move, their is no killer app for it and Nintendo fans, the die hards tend to be loyal.
This is a case of the getting on a bandwagon, trying to cash in on a casual market, and by the time Microsoft and Sony arrived they moved on to their IPads.

cstyle2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Milkman you don't know what you're talking about. Both techs are actually pretty good. Its just one(move) doesn't involve mapping controls to the body but is basically the same as a normal controller. Kinect removes the buttons and devs have to figure out the way they want you to interact with the game. Its mostly on the devs because the technology is there and it works for both.

Devs seem to be shying away from move more than kinect though. I predicted this because the move really doesn't offer a different way to play. its basically just another controller. Sort of like a PC mouse. Kinect seems to be more versatile because you have so many options. You can use voice if it fits the game or you can use it for a certain amount of tracking if needed. Next gen, they both should be much improved. That is if sony still goes with the move. MS is sure to have a Kinect2 because the technology really opens up doors to new gameplay we've never experienced before.

Machioto2168d ago

@cstyle no they don't, move has support its just not talked about much on gaming websites ,the new counter strike had k/b and move support,okami,resisdent evil collection,unfinished swan,if you visited iwaggle3d he did an interview with dudes that made razor hydra and they ported their dev tools for move,they stated that it works well and plans to improve more aspects about it.

Shadonic2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

So when the kinect addict someone who unlike you takes his time with every motion control game he buys and learns the ins and outs of the controls instead of doing a 50 second run through of the game or judging it on the fact that kinect is in the title was not showing that it could do pin point shooting when he beat his ghost recon future soldier range controller shooting time with kinect by 2 seconds? Or when he was doing the tiger woods game online with kinect and how he literally beat multiple people online making them rage quit with a device that was perceived as broken by reviewers ? Or lets bring up lets say the kinect bullet storm video a kinect adaption to a game that was released last year being played with kinect doing everything your able to do with a controller and working at that. Dude its obvious that what your saying is wrong better tech dosent automatically mean better games and bad games that uses a device dosent mean that the device itself is bad. I mean look at the issue with street fighter x tekken on the 360 where they somehow couldn't do the multiplayer online battle thing with 360 but other games can.

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gokuss1220022168d ago

(if utilized properly) PSmove could grant gamers the ability to (truly)dual wield. This ability to dual wield has already been demonstrated in various PSmove titles, most notably in titles such Medieval Moves. However, PSmove games so far have failed to provide (completely) free MOVEment; in regards to walking etc. Many games have successfully replaced the right half of the ds3, particularly shooters. However I would like to see games where the navigation (or left side of the)controller is replaced by a second move controller; thus granting free MOVEment while simultaneously allowing the player to utilize an arsenal of weaponry. Similar to substituting R3 (melee) for a thrusting motion, they could substitute L3 (sprint) with thrusting with the left PSmove controller.... Wanna walk forward/backward? aim the left PSmove upward/downward; speed can be determined by how far up/down you aim: similar to slightly moving the left analog stick upward to walk slowly. Want to turn? well you've already experienced that so many times: aim the right PSmove accordingly.... *faints*

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