Newcomer hopes to disrupt the console market with an open Android box

"I'm not alone in thinking the console industry has experienced a brain-drain in recent years."

That's Julie Uhrman, speaking to Gamasutra last week about her pet project, Ouya, a new bit of hardware introduced today on Kickstarter that hopes to disrupt the traditional television console business by offering a (mostly) open platform.

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THC CELL1925d ago

Yea not a chance. This console is doa

JBSleek1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

So DOA people were willing to support $950,000+ in less than 24 hours right? There is a vast market for this as people can now have games to the masses without the massive cost.

BitbyDeath1925d ago

Lol, Android games.
Mobile games are only good for emulating older console games.
Thats it.

JBSleek1925d ago

Now need I say more? Come on you have to admit that is funny as hell.

Kopite_20201925d ago

It's designed to be hackable........sooooo multiplayer should be well regulated.

-Gespenst-1925d ago

There's gonna be a lot of shit games made by idiots then. Good ones'll be like needles in haystacks.

KingOptimusOrigin1111925d ago

I feel like this can get rid of the casual gamers from the PS3, Wii, & 360 so that way the casual gamers can have their own console.

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