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Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut features satisfying endings, answers most major plot holes

DSOGaming writes: "BioWare has finally released the Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3 and to our surprise, it does answer most of the major questions and plot holes that were introduced in the final five minutes. As we thought, the Extended Cut focuses on Shepard’s companions and shows some scenes to explain things that confused ME3′s fans. However, there are still some major plot holes that have been not answered and that’s a major blow to BioWare. Not only that, but the Indocrination theory – a theory that explained a lot of all those unanswered questions – has been blown out of the water as the company included various cut-scenes to prove that Shepard was not indocrinated." (Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

00  +   1248d ago
the thing that still makes ME3 ending bad is Casper is still in it.
GoldenGamer  +   1248d ago
dc1  +   1248d ago
yep -
*******Spoiler ******
Nothing was solved - just comments about how things can be rebuilt (Relays, structures ect..)
The problem as indicated above is Casper the god child.
Among many other things... what gives the god child the power to exact synthesis across the universe?
Are all organics bi-products of super advanced nanotechnology? And if so, why didn't the creators of Casper impute the value of life along with the 'God like powers'?

Its just bad writing.
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Basjohn  +   1248d ago
I'm okay with Casper being in it as long as I get the option to one-two punch his arrogant holo ass journalist style.
user5467007  +   1248d ago
"Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut features satisfying endings, answers most major plot holes"


I highly doubt that

Have you seen on the Bioware fourms...most people think the endings are funny rather then satisfying or emotional.

Why stick with the crap endings, not to mention most of the "fixed" plotholes were given such a crappy forced explanation
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tuglu_pati  +   1248d ago
Cant wait to download it tonight when i get home from home.
interrergator  +   1248d ago
home from home nice
FAGOL  +   1248d ago
Honey i'll be back home from home in about now.
tuglu_pati  +   1248d ago
*work ;)
GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME  +   1248d ago
i actually liked the old mass effect ending, left more to my imagination
dc1  +   1248d ago
I'm half way with you Fat Nate!

@ Capt-FuzzyPants Below.

You're right!!

Thanks -
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Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1248d ago
I think thats doughnut Drake. We should all now how easily people get offended these days.
grifter024  +   1248d ago
I was waiting for this like most others heck I played up until Shep gave his speech and faded to black and that was my ending an even then his last speech wasn't as good as some of the others he's given and he is going off to die basically.

Sounds like the EC still fell short and Bioware is just trying to save more face. I was huge Mass Effect as a franchise fan but after this debacle the franchise is dead to me.
49erguy  +   1248d ago
Im on mars and really don't want to replay the whole thing. Did you guys find that "legend" save file?
Chuk5  +   1248d ago
You can just play after the cerberus base attack.
Basjohn  +   1248d ago
The refusal ending was actually............kinda good.

It was much more "Shepard" to be able to say "I'm not going to decide everyone's fate you little glowy ass tart".
InTheLab  +   1248d ago
Refusal was good, but how did they answer most of the major plot holes? Why, with more plot holes silly O.o

For example, the Normandy is called to "the Rendezvous point". Where the hell is that? And why are both EDI and Garrus STILL on the ship despite getting reaper nuked with my Shepard? So they didn't crash land on a random planet...they just stopped by for a visit? How will they rebuild the Mass Relays when no one knows how?
Eyesoftheraven  +   1247d ago
Thank you! I can't believe more people aren't pointing these things out! Something still isn't right with the endings except for the new refusal choice.

In destroy, not only does the chest armor breathe still, but Garrus doesn't place the Commander's plaque on the wall, either.. hmm, what the hell is it Bioware has planned for the future???

Like you pointed out, how the hell did they manage to magically evac right in front of Harbinger where a ton of other land and air vehicles just got obliterated!? Fix one plot hole with another.

In the radio chatter they still say reports are saying someone has made it into the crucible, but Anderson claims he followed Shepard in as well, plus TIM is in there as well! That's three people, not someone.

Something just still isn't right here.
NYC_Gamer  +   1248d ago
There is no way to fix the plot holes without rewriting the whole story
Eyesoftheraven  +   1247d ago
Unless the have bigger plans for true paid DLC or in ME4.. Indoctrination Theory or similar could still be true!
MYSTERIO360  +   1248d ago
Bioware did a good job in answering the major plot holes but the 1 option to destroy the reapers still is the a plot hole. It was mentioned that Shepard would die along with most sentient lifeforms but he still lived at the end. Not desperate for Shepard to die or anything but that was said. Glad shepard survived anyways.
Lindenn  +   1248d ago
I think, while i agree its far from a perfect ending, think bioware came thru and gave the closure I felt was needed with the endings. I regain my lost hope in the series and can't wait for the next entry in the ME universe
john2  +   1248d ago
Yeah. We can all argue about it but those endings are definitely better than the original ones
miamicanesruleall  +   1247d ago
I think the synthesis ending was the best. EDI survives. Shepard becomes immortal. Anyone see a correlation to religion in Shepard's death, resurrection, and life eternal? Shepard sacrifices himself so that many may be "saved" and in doing so, becomes incredibly powerful and godlike. Also, the significance of Bioware giving the commander the name Shepard. No first name. A herder of people, in effect, himself a collector (Oh the irony). Interesting that this was the choice the illusive man wanted all along, but he did not have Shepard's strength, character, or conviction and was indoctrinated. It appears Shepard escaped that fate (I think). In the synthesis conclusion, Shepard says he is "the man who fought to become the one who could lead the many". It is interesting however that the synthesis and destroy options both lead to damage to the mass relays and leave many civilizations back in the "stone age" before interstellar space flight. If Shepard chooses not to accept the options the catalyst gives him/her, humanity is obliterated but future civilizations use the collective knowledge gained to defeat the reapers and the relays are undisturbed. There are questions I still have, but that's what DLC is for I guess. The endings are alot better than what was previously offered, that's for sure.

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