Day Z and Arma 3 interview - optimization, map design, radios, porting Day Z into Arma 3

Evan Lahti of PC Gamer writes, "I interviewed the creators of Arma 3 and Day Z at E3. This is a continuation of that conversation, with discussion ranging from engine optimization and what hardware you’ll need to run Arma 3 to the possibility of baby monitors appearing in Day Z as usable radios."

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NobodyImportant2219d ago

Yes! (Porting DayZ into Arma 3)
Love it.
What a great start to my week.

calibann2218d ago

Why does this have disagrees? o.O

Day Z would be fantastic on Arma 3!

mep692218d ago

This is why i havent bought Arma 2 yet.

ninjahunter2218d ago

XD Darn it! I just got arma 2! Haha, oh well.

Koopdogg2217d ago

I love it ,bohemia just cast out their lines and reel in all the suckers who crave zombies ,they will completly forget they where made to get arma2 and operation arrowhead and now will need to buy arma 3 .*CLAPS*

Bravo what a clever little plan to get the company going again.