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Xbox One's Capability To Run High End Games at 1080p And 60fps is Something That Remains To Be Seen

3d ago - DayZ creator Dean Hall talks about the pressure that Microsoft and Sony are both facing. | PS4

Indie Games: Here to Stay or Gone Tomorrow?

202d ago - GR-UK writes: Developers including Dean Hall and Simon Roth offer their thoughts on the recent co... | Industry

The future of DayZ: Dean Hall’s roadmap to 2015 and beyond

204d ago - “There’s a lot of things DayZ doesn’t do well.” Even with 1.7 million copies and uncountable m... | PC

This is Beta Weekly Update #48

232d ago - This weeks update features Dean Hall Leaving DayZ and Bohemia Interactive, Renegade X Open Beta a... | PC

Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Rust: The DayZ Killer - 5 Reasons to Choose Rust Over DayZ

234d ago - DayZ or Rust: which do you choose? With the loss of Dean Hall on the horizon, DayZ might suffer.... | PC

DayZ Dev Blog Introduces Physics, Bows, and Pork Chops

236d ago - Rely on Horror: Creative lead of DayZ, Dean Hall has released a video developer's blog of some up... | PC

For a Moment, Forget the Future of DayZ and Applaud Dean Hall for His Honesty

236d ago - Also because, while some aspects of any business will forever be locked in a corporate vault, the... | PC

DayZ, Dean Hall’s Departure and the Dramas of Early Access

236d ago - In the great DayZ Dean Hall departure debate, almost everybody is right. Including Dean Hall, wri... | PC

Dean Hall to leave Bohemia and step down as leader of DayZ

238d ago - Dean Hall intends to leave developer Bohemia and step down as leader of his hit video game DayZ b... | Industry

DayZ creator Dean Hall to “eventually” leave Bohemia after work is complete

238d ago - El33tonline writes: "While the Eurogamer story made it sound as though Hall was on the verge o... | PC

Day-z coming to consoles?

247d ago - Dean Hall, game designer of widely popular zombie mod Day-Z, has said he is open to the idea of r... | PC

Dean Hall wants to make the 'ultimate virtual world survival game' once DayZ is finished

270d ago - DayZ may still be a long way off from being finished, but that hasn't stopped creator Dean Hall c... | PC

DayZ Creator Dean Hall: Implementation of Vehicles “In Progress,” Small Aircraft a Possibility

270d ago - DayZ, the popular zombie survival mod for ARMA 2 and now stand-alone game, could see the implemen... | PC

Dean "Rocket" Hall provides loose DayZ timeframes for significant updates, content plans

270d ago - Rely on Horror: Dean Hall, creator of the extremely popular mod and now standalone game, DayZ, ha... | PC

Standalone DayZ: "I'm not saying it will definitely be weeks

343d ago - Where is standalone DayZ? Not as close as being listed in the Steam database recently suggested. | PC

Legacy of Gaming: Day Z

359d ago - GamR Mag's Legacy of Gaming rises from the grave to discuss mod sensation, Day Z. "As our pate... | PC

Interview with Dean Hall of 'Day Z'

396d ago - Prankster101 interviews Dean Hall (of 'Day Z'). Dean Hall talks about his rise in fame and how h... | PC

Dean Hall: “If DICE wanted to kill Arma, all they’d need to do is release modding tools”

409d ago - PC Gamer: "Speaking at our PC Gaming World Congress last Friday, DayZ creator Dean Hall responded... | PC

A developer's guide to surviving fame, trolls and themselves

445d ago - Polygon spoke to leading developers about the perils of public recognition, including Edmund McMi... | Culture

Xbox One's digital strategy overlooks popular games like DayZ

480d ago - Gamasutra: "'I'm quite happy for DayZ to come out on any console that is indie-friendly,' says De... | Xbox One

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The Highest Developer Update in the World - DayZ update from Mount Everest

544d ago - So here I am, at Everest Base Camp, 5400 meters, writing what I am sure is the highest ever devbl... | PC

DayZ Interview With Dean Hall

571d ago - IGN:We were able to sit down with Dean Hall as he talked about the DayZ mod and what the future h... | PC

DayZ Q&A Session at PAX East

572d ago - The people at Raid Warning gave up their panel slot so Dean Hall and Matt Lightfoot could have an... | PC

DayZ standalone by April (hopefully)

641d ago - Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall hopes to have the standalone DayZ out by April, but isn’t promising anything a... | PC

Day Z Standalone Will Include Cholera & Typhoid Fever

698d ago - NowGamer: Day Z's standalone conversion is going to painstaking detail in order to recreate the z... | PC
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