Thief 4 "needs to be as good as or better than Deus Ex" - Eidos Montreal

OXM: "We don't want to be seen as a one trick pony."

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lastdual2260d ago

Was sad that we didn't see any footage at E3, but as long as they deliver on that goal, this will definitely stay high on my radar.

beerkeg2260d ago

I'm waiting for this patiently, but this caught my eye -

'Thief 4 runs on Unreal Engine, features some sort of online functionality and will bring "more than just stealth"'

It was the "more than just stealth" bit that worried me a bit. Thief was all about stealth, I hope they aren't going to go down the Splinter Cell route and action it all up.

But they made a great job of Deus Ex: Human Revolution (with the exception of the boss fights) so I have some faith in them.

lastdual2260d ago

Yeah, that line worried me as well, but the fact that DX:HR turned out so well gives me some faith that they won't botch it up (I hope!).

flightdown2260d ago

I think they will ace this.

gaminoz2259d ago

I sooo want this game. Was really hoping to see more at E3.