Microsoft swings for the future with integration, not games

Gamasutra- At the Microsoft presentation at this year's E3, the company showed its hand in its plans to integrate Windows 8 and the Xbox platform -- perhaps even giving glimpses into its future plans, even with its next-generation Xbox platform completely absent.

The conference started out as more of what we've come to expect from the company -- late in its lifespan the Xbox 360 is firmly established as the home of franchises like Halo, and Gears of War, which all made strong showings vociferously approved by the hardcore audience in attendance at USC's Galen Center.

Third party games like the new Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 6 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist made strong -- even bombastic -- showings. It's the end of a generation, and all of the sequels are in full force. Business as usual, right?

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MadMen2265d ago

they are buying time until the next Xbox comes out, this system is purely a hub at this point with a dash of Halo


DeFFeR2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

See, I agree with you, but I don't know if they've dug their hole too deep to get out of for the next console.

I've been a MS guy since 2001 - I've owned all the consoles, but I've played most of my games on MSs consoles.

The lack of new games for the 360, and the apparent direction of trying to replace everything I connect to my television leads me to think they won't ramp it up again for a new console. Games seem to be the second thing on their mind, with "entertainment" being first. Music, sports, video, web-browsing - everything I use a computer for they are featuring the 360 for. Maybe I'm a dinosaur, but I'm not switching from using my computer for those things, for my 360 (which they'll probably charge for access to) - it's so easy to just hook my computer up to my stereo system (HDMI), why would I?

I'm anxious to see Sony's conference tonight, to see if they take advantage of the second year of MSs gaming ignorance. Halo and Gears and Forza, while good franchises- it's really all we have. Kinect is not the gaming peripheral we were promised, and the trend towards Wii-ish games is disheartening to those who bought into the hype.

Qrphe2265d ago

The conference had games, many of them, playable on the 360. Multiplats sell better on the 360 and they make sure they get some of the DLC first (or force it to be that way).
Yes, it does not have many exclusives, but truth is, if you're a 360 gamer, you won't be bored.

humbleopinion2265d ago

Actually, the show had 8 exclusives: halo, gears, forza, fable, dance central and the three new XBLA games.
Not sure what's the status on Splinter Cell - can anyone shed some light?

FalconR2892265d ago

What I got from the internet was that it'll be on the ps3 as well. Not sure about the pc but probably.

Cosmo8112265d ago

I don't know about Splinter Cell. The last one was an Xbox-exclusive (although it later came to PC and Mac), maybe it'll be the same. I hope not.

neutralgamer192265d ago

Lol simply trash and they didnt swing anywhere but stumbled.

supremacy2265d ago

well atleast they have that spike tv deal...

Cherchez La Ghost2265d ago

What should MS do?! Oversaturate the market with exclusives?! Fact is you have Halo 4 & Call of Duty about to rule multiplayer at the end of the year. People complain, but the still are making money. Don't forget. We are talking about a software company. So intergrating tech will always be a focus. Exclusives vs. Multiplatforms are somewhat equal. Halo, Madden, GTA, FIFA, Call of Duty franchises are cash cows. As long as the people stay buying, they companies will keep churning milking and getting that cheese.

You gotta give MS some credit. They're making partnerships with some big companies all around the world. Now, it's more about the games. And the only ones who have complaint are the hardcore gamers. Which I see the argument is justifible. Sorry, it's just business.

DeFFeR2265d ago

"Don't forget. We are talking about a software company."

Except for the fact that they are a HARDWARE company relying on third party games, besides the 3 juggernauts in Halo, Gears and Forza. They have RARE - where's Killer Instinct, where's the new Banjo Kazooie type games... where are the NEW IPs?

Halo is fun. Halo COULD occupy my gaming time from year to year, but I also want something ELSE to play.

silvacrest2265d ago

they dont have to oversaturate anything, one or two would have been fine, people still play halo and COD because they are good, but also because there is nothing else

DlocDaBudSmoka2265d ago

360 gamers dont want integration. they want games! period point blank. multiplats are great and all, but what about games u cant g et anywhere else. like halo 4 for instance. MS needs to get their priorities in check. games first then all the other stuff as a bonus.

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