Video: CVG predicts Microsoft's E3 - Durango, Splinter Cell 6, Ryse

CVG- "Word on the street is that Microsoft has been showing developers its next-generation hardware, and according to multiple sources close to the project the new Xbox console is codenamed Durango.

However, like Sony, Microsoft is still saying it won't be showing off its next home console at E3 next week. So what does it have in store for us? The obvious guesses are a little more Halo 4, perhaps some more Forza and a smidgen of Gears of War. For the less obvious guesses you'll have to watch our E3 prediction videos below."

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Ramon3MR1963d ago

Regardless of what we see; I'm pumped about Monday's press conference. I fly in tomorrow.

EVILDEAD3601962d ago

I'm impressed as a good a show on MS E# as anything that has been shown thus far. Fair assessments whether they are excited or not. Good stuff CVG..


Hicken1963d ago

... I hate videos that start up on their own.

from the beach1963d ago

I'm surprised they would publish this report AFTER the Judgment leak, which they clearly had no inkling of, despite making very confident predictions.

Just makes then look a bit silly.

interrergator1962d ago

well ubisoft is gona be at microsofts so i think that splinter cell might be there