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What Should Zelda Wii U’s Controls Be?

ZI writes: We here at Zelda Informer have been talking a lot about the future of Zelda recently, from Nate’s article about making Zelda appealing again to Alex Plant’s piece about episodic releases. As far as Zelda’s future on the Wii U, Nintendo is faced with a tough choice about what the game’s controls should be. Obviously, they have the unique features of the Wii U tablet controller at their disposal. However, Nintendo has already invested lots of time and money into developing motion controls for Skyward Sword, which were highly acclaimed by most critics and fans alike. (The Legend of Zelda, Wii U, Zelda Wii U)

eagle21  +   784d ago
They obviously won't be motion controlled dominated. The new control scheme will involve motion to some degree but not sword movement.
ChickeyCantor  +   783d ago
They said they will continue using it.
MaxXAttaxX  +   783d ago
This is what the controller should have been:
No BS, no gimmicks.
ChickeyCantor  +   783d ago
Why is it when it doesn't suite you it's a gimmick in a bad way?

Motion+ worked very well for Zelda. Whether you like it or not. But just throwing around the word gimmick in a bad fashion is just silly.
dark-hollow  +   783d ago
am i the only one who liked the motion controls of SS?
dont get me wrong, i used to hate motion gaming with a passion, but after playing skyward sword it had opened my eyes for a lot of possibilities for the wiimote.

it is in my opinion, one of the best sword combat controls ever!
usually in any sword combat based game like skyrim or demon souls the procedure goes like this:

hit, hit, hit, evade/block and hit once more!
with skyward sword, its more than that.
the combat is more precise because you can attack from 8 different angles or strike right in the middle.

and based on that, enemies can start blocking your attack from certain direction so you need to find an opening before mindlessly hacking the sword on them.

sure, the wiimote is no way perfect and it needs some ironing out. so if they released and improved, more accurate version of the wiimote, then ill be more than happy if they included motion controls in the next zelda.
mike1up  +   783d ago
Agreed, Skyward Sword had the exact same effect on me.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   783d ago
I Enjoyed It BUT---

I get why people don't like it. I could play SS lying down but certain parts required me to make a special place in front of the TV just to play.

Some gamers say that they want to play while relaxing.

Others want the motion control unique challenges.

I enjoyed it but I can honestly say that after some of my battles I noticed that I was sweating. --- It was not necessary that I swing so hard but then again it was never necessary for me to push the buttons sooo hard on my GameCube controller. Adrenalyn takes control.
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mamotte  +   784d ago
I dont see it using motion controller... what I want (and It'll be useful in other games like COD) is, for example, the bug ítem from Skyward Sword: I always tought: "Woah, I'm so invincible while using this thing, no enemies will attack me!" . Same with the control ability from Wind Waker. Being able to be in the two fronts at the same time will be amazing and difficult, using the normal controls and gameplay on the tv screen (fighting enemies and moving around) while controlling the bug's movement and basic actions in the controller screen. Priceless. Now, that's for zelda, now imagine this kind of features in games like splinter cell, ghost recon, COD, etc... will rise the inmersion to new levels.
hellztourguide420  +   783d ago
Maybe they can give us the option of motion vs standard?
Gen0ne  +   783d ago
Thank you. Always give the player the option. I'm looking at you Other M. Should've ported over Prime's control setup and had their single control setup as an option. Although, it really doesn't matter. The game wasn't great.
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dark-hollow  +   783d ago
but if that was the case, then the motion option would be useless because the game isnt being built around it.

sort of like TP vs SS.
mike1up  +   783d ago
I really am not sure about this. I loved Skyward Sword's motion control gameplay, but I still want to use 2nd screen like in the HD Zelda demo.
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LordMe  +   783d ago
Standard controls, please.

The Wiimote does not handle like a sword, and as someone who uses swords on a daily basis, this killed it.

Just give me the normal controls, I will be happy with that!
Chrono  +   783d ago
motion or touchscreen = no buy
Gen0ne  +   783d ago
No, the touch screen would be a godsend. No more pausing to go in and out for inventory. Just tap the screen. Motion, on the other hand, should be an option. If the player wants to go that route, let'em be able to do it. Player choice "should" be high on Nintendo's must have list.
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Chrono  +   783d ago
I meant touchscreen-only controls like the DS Zeldas.
Gen0ne  +   783d ago
If that's what you meant, then I actually agree with you.
silkrevolver  +   783d ago
I’d rather it be similar to Skyward Sword’s control scheme, because I had a tit load of fun with that, but I think using the touchscreen as an inventory menu would be nice.
FierceAlchemist  +   783d ago
I'm the writer of this article and I just wanted to thank you guys for all the great comments!
stragomccloud  +   783d ago
Motion plus all the way. Besides. Aonuma has already stated that is how the series will be continued. Can't wait to play another like Skyward Sword. I love that game sooo much!

I think the author's idea of using the motion controllers, but having the Wii U tablet for a map sounds like the best idea though. Best of both worlds.
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swagsurfer  +   783d ago
What would love to see nintendo do is make a hd remake of majora mask and enhance the gameplay with the Wii u controller, I love what Wii did for skyward sword but I personality think it be great to play a Zelda game on the Wii u controller.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   783d ago
From the Pattens you can use 2 controllers the WiiU and the Wii-motes.

You play just like SS but have the WiiU up on a stand.
You would be able to use motion controls on either screen.
You can use the Wii-mote to Drag puzzles, inventory, and maps to it.

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