OXCGN's E3 2012: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Top Secret Preview


"Not to be confused with XCOM the First Person Shooter developed by 2K Marin, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the Real Time Turn-Based RPG strategy game developed by Firaxis, the company behind the Sid Meier franchise.

You may have read countless other previews regarding Enemy Unknown and have learned that the previewer has experienced the original titles in the franchise.

I’m about to break from the norm as I’ve never played the original XCOM games, so if you continue to read after this what you’ll get is the insight from an open and fresh gamer’s mind."

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Proeliator2184d ago

The only RTS that has ever really 'worked' on a console was Halo Wars, in my opinion. Glad to hear that this is looking ship-shape!

gaminoz2184d ago

I thought that Endwar was pretty good too actually.

I'd love to see Company of Heroes 2 on console somehow, but I doubt that would happen.

Hooshuwashu2184d ago

Was kinda worried about this one considering they're just all of a sudden supporting this derelict series.

gaminoz2184d ago

It sounds like they are putting some effort into this, but not sure it will grab much attention?