PSNFancast Episode 6 – Dumb in the Good Way

It’s a jam-packed week of releases on the PlayStation Network, and it’s up to Angelo Valdivia, Christopher Hague and host Josiah Renaudin to cover them all. The crew starts off with the PlayStation Move showpiece Sorcery and all of it’s motion-controlled goodness, move on to the wonders of Table Top Tanks, and attempt to explain the allure of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. A few Sega Classics are discussed, but it doesn’t take long before Angelo jumps into Sega’s most recent release, Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2.

Journey somehow finds its way back into the conversation in the what we’ve been playing segment, but the PSN team quickly composes itself and tackles the hard-hitting news of the world. Plans to save the Vita from it’s poor start are soon constructed, with listener questions and comments answered before the show comes to a close.

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