MLB 2K Series Left Out of Take Two Lineup Listing – Could Signal Cancellation

Take Two's fiscal lineup for 2013 omits the MLB 2K franchise. With the ending of the third party license that could be a sign it will not be returning.

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NYC_Gamer2398d ago

2K baseball is garbage and should be scrapped

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KonaBro2398d ago

Take Two have came out and said that MLB 2K12 is the last entry in the series.

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of 2K Sports, notably left Major League Baseball 2K out of its planned releases in its coming fiscal year. Kotaku asked Take-Two Interactive if it could confirm the end of the series, and it did.

"Our legacy Major League Baseball agreement will sunset in fiscal 2013," a Take-Two spokesman said, meaning in the coming 12 calendar months. "MLB 2K12 is our last offering under that agreement. At this time, we have no further comment."

Darkspade2398d ago

Drop MLB and pick up NFL.. The show has been far better then mlb 2k for awhile

Darth Stewie2398d ago

2K baseball is an embarrassment compared to the Show even the $1million pitching contest could not save this franchise. So does this mean the only way to play a MLB game is on the PS3/Vita?

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