UT3 Modding Rocks on PS3(DLC Done Right)

Unreal Tournament 3 is Epic's latest entry in their long running FPS franchise. Not many people have made the effort to pick this game up for the PC, but if you haven't paid up for the PS3 version, then you are missing out on a revolution for console gaming.

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Blackmoses3984d ago

the fact that you can only download one MOD at a time is rather a pain but, the mods thus far...too cool! The replay value of this game in turn has tripled in my book!

masterg3984d ago

Yeah we can only add on mod at the time.
But the point is we can add mods. They are so freaking sweet.
I have downloaded a couple and Im truly amazed quality.

And dont forget we can do it in the PS3 browser (

Violater3984d ago


there can be no downside thereafter.

360theAssasinsCreed3984d ago

a good site if you guys haven't checked it out for UT3 PS3 mods is i got every mod up to now from that site. Easily UT3 has pretty much turned into a triology of games thanks to the mods. I know this much if MS is smart they will allow mods otherwise Sony will have a nice advantage over them with having Mod support. Seriously guys don't underestimate the MODS and modding community they make games last longer than they would on their own.

Ju3984d ago

Yeah, Epic should have added the browser to the game (menu). Its possible to start the browser from within a game. I know it has some memory footprint, but in the menu screen only, that should be achievable. In that case you wouldn't need to quit the game, import the mod, install it, and so on, but start browser, import, start again, etc.

barom3984d ago

i'm a bit confused at what ya guys mean. can you only import ONE MOD AT A TIME or can you INSTALL ONLY ONE MOD?

Ju3984d ago

A mod uses a specific location and file name on your exchange media (USB stick or memcard or like). So, you can only save one at a time, start UT3 and import it. If you download and save it on a PC, well, yes, then you end up copying one at a time to the media and install it, go back to the PC, copy it, go back to the PS3, import it and repeat until you have 'em all. If you use the PS3 browser, you end up quiting UT3, download a mod, start UT3 again, import it, quit it again, and so on.

So, sure, you can have as many mods as you want, but you have to import them one by one.

barom3983d ago

oh ok I see. thx a lot (bubbles)

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hotshot1273984d ago

this is the FIRST time on consoles.

do you even know what the word revolutionary means?

lol pathectic attempt at trying to downplay the ps3

hotshot1273984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

man thats a first

Douchebaggery3984d ago

Free DLC is the best kind of DLC

SmokeyMcBear3984d ago

mmmmmmmm free... something foreign to you eh there billy baker

Violater3984d ago

he is sitting there tears in his eyes in his dirty diaper thinking to himself "there must be a catch"

My advice to to doubters

Jump Out!!, Come HOME because THIS IS LIVING

Damphear3984d ago

so if this game ever go's to xbox they well have to pay for mods/

witch is funny. and sad

Iron Man 23984d ago

It is coming to the 360 in April I believe,but luckily it won't have mod support,way to get the worst version lol and even if it did,Microsoft would begin shafting it's customers like they always do

BTW everyone take away WilliamRLfaker's bubbles and mark his comments as spam

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