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Killzone 2 review (PS3)

chrisuk | 2541d ago | User review
Reviewing: Killzone 2
Killzone 2 is an exuberant, action packed, graphically stunning game.
Minutes after being let loose in the Killzone world you get a genuine sense of diverse environment. The vast amount of onscreen objects at one time is stunning, bullets, shrapnel and plenty of dead helghast. The game visually is absolutely stunning, when played in 1080p it is absolutely flawless, not a single jagged edge – kudos to Guerilla on this, they done a great job of ensuring they maintain the visually stunning Killzone 2 game we were promised many E3s ago.

The single player is a fair length, it isn’t too short nor is it too long. The story does drag on at times when required to do the same task over and over, however the vast array of weapons compensate for this. Guerilla have paid divine attention to their selections of weapons – there are standard machine guns, hand guns as well as some Helghan speciality weapons such as the Bolt Gun and the Electric Gun which both deliver and instant shock death to your unsuspecting enemy.

Multiplayer held high expectations and has most certainly delivered, most leading titles downgrade their graphical performance during multiplayer to boost their game’s performance slightly – however Killzone has no downgrades. It’s the single player experience, except with your buddies. The maps are huge and you will most definitely find yourself lost; but the 32 player compatibility will ensure you’re not left without some people to shoot!

This game is definitely worth a purchase, it ticks all the right boxes for a perfect first person shooter experience. This game has depth and plenty of cliffhangers, so prepare to gripping the arm of your chair in scarce, exciting and thrilling 1080p HD moments.
Amazing graphics, even when in multiplayer{Deep storyline plot{The ultimate realism experience
Repetitive tasks{Minor AI hitches{Aiming difficulties for some
Graphics Very easy to control, often stiff at times and awkward to shoot but you'll get the job done.
Sound Absolutely no complaints in the graphics department, pure realism and stunning visuals. A pleasure to look at!
Gameplay Sounds that will push you out of your seat, this is the main part of the Killzone experience and doesn't let it down.
Fun factor Definitely worth a game online, this game is very enjoyable on and offline.
Online The singleplayer experience online, with your buddies. No graphics downgrades, this is the full experience with 32 players.
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)
Firstkn1ghT  +   2541d ago
Oh brother.
Let the simple 5th grade sony fanboy ratings begin.

DominusRebellis  +   2541d ago
How can a game be perfect when the MP is flawed? You HAVE to complete an entire match to get any experience points. I played for half an hour, got around 40 experience points but since I didn't play until the faction lost, those exp. points didnt even count! GG needs to fix this asap! This game is good but no 10, 10 is perfect adn you even wrote down 3 flaws
Dsnyder  +   2541d ago
LOL @ Firstknight being butthurt over Killzones pwning Halo 3's graphics.
Dsnyder  +   2541d ago
If god played a game.
He would play killzone 2.
supnub5  +   2510d ago
would god play a game that is as violent as killzone 2.
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2540d ago
@ dominouis
Thats why you just play one game mode and not play warzone stupid . You don't stick around you don't deserve to earn any points .
FatButtLuver  +   2540d ago
Needs more details!
This game is AMAZING, but it doesn't deserve a 10/10, because the campaign is flawed at times and the controls are a bit wonky. Besides those two complaints, the campaign is FUN! As for the multiplayer, all I gotta say is that its the best multiplayer I've ever played on an FPS, and thats coming from a guy thats coming from a guy who played halo 1/2/3 and countless hours on COD4 and COD5. This is how I'd rate the game: FUN: 9/10 GAMEPLAY: 9/10 GRAPHICS: 9.8/10 SOUND: 9.8/10 And online: 9.8/10 ( I have experienced almost NO lag, its AMAZING how my brother was running a bunch of applications on the computer like the internet and Itunes and myspace and it STILL didn't lag!) oh and no, im not a fanboy.
actas123  +   2539d ago
The graphics are good. A bit suffering on the AA side but other in game animations kinda of make up for that.
The MP is fun. The only problem is that most of the maps are at night which kinda of sux, but I guess I have to get used to that.
Anyways, this game is a 9~9.1 in my book.
O, and COD4 is 9.1~9.2 imo
The graphics in COD4 are a little bit better than KZ2. The MP of COD is also a bit better.
BeaArthur  +   2538d ago
I find it interesting that you site "repetetive tasks" and "minor AI hitches" yet you still consider the game perfect. It is a great game but it is not perfect. The story sucks, the single player levels are too bland and the hit detection in multiplayer is spotty.

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Killzone 2

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