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  At a Glance: Harebrained Schemes

Harebrained Schemes is a small team of passionate game developers led by Jordan Weisman, the creator of Shadowrun, Crimson Skies, BattleTech, MechW...

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High Street and Supermarkets Still Dominate Boxed Games Market

130d ago - Gamer Headlines writes: I’d like to think that we UK gamers are quite savvy when it comes to find... | PC

HMV trade-in status and discount confirmed

134d ago - A source close to Gamereactor has confirmed that recent reports are true and that HMV will no lon... | Industry

HMV Sale Knocks 70% Off All Pre-Owned Games, Including Next Gen

134d ago - TSA writes: "HMV are to stop selling pre-owned games and have wiped a massive 70% off all their c... | Industry

Rumour. Massive 75% HMV Sell Off on Pre-Owned Games

138d ago - Frugal Gaming has it from a very good and reliable source that all HMV stock is to be sold off at... | PS2

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Games at Retail: Adapt or Die

464d ago - Dealspwn writes: Last week finally saw HMV find a new buyer, ensuring one more traditional bricks... | Xbox 360

Hilco Set to Rescue HMV in £50m Deal

473d ago - Is HMV about to be saved from the brink? It seems that a deal is expected to be announced that wi... | Culture

HMV Dragging Their Heals in Administration

525d ago - It was nearly a month ago now when HMV fell victim to the escalating troubles in UK retail. Since... | Industry

Michael Pachter: "The UK games retail market is a joke"

526d ago - The UK games market is a "joke", according to analyst Michael Pachter. The Wedbush Securities... | Industry

Missing People: The Demise Of The High Street

539d ago - We now chase the best price for games, and will take a copy that is a few quid cheaper off the in... | Xbox 360

The Future of Retail and its Role in the Gaming Industry

540d ago - The past 2 years have changed the landscape as we know it that affects every industry. The shift... | Industry

How Video Game Retailers Can Change For Good

547d ago - Analog Addiction Writes: "This past week has not only seen it snow in the UK, which seemingly bri... | Culture

HMV to accept gift vouchers from tomorrow

547d ago - HMV will start accepting gift vouchers again from tomorrow. The troubled retailer stopped acce... | Industry

HMV meet GAME, GAME meet HMV.

547d ago - So does HMV going into administration mean bad things for the UK video game market? Check out wha... | Culture

HMV: Retailer Game confirms it wants to buy some stores

549d ago - Retailer Game has revealed that it is one of the 50 separate groups or individuals who have expre... | Culture

HMV's Troubles Continue to Escalate

551d ago - Earlier this week, UK Entertainment giant HMV entered administration. Since then, the long standi... | Industry

A History Of HMV & Gamers 1986 – 2012

551d ago - HMV, one of the big names in physical game and console sales for at least the last decade, has go... | Culture

What HMV's Administration Means For Gamers And The High Street

553d ago - With HMV entering administration we’re faced with the loss of the biggest  high street entertainm... | Industry

The Fall of the Specialist Retailer and Why Call of Duty Will Never Die in the UK

553d ago - The high street is changing, there’s no denying that. Over here in the UK, entertainment store HM... | PC

HMV to call in the administrators

553d ago - Another of the UK's high-street stores is near to vanishing, as HMV is preparing to call in admin... | Industry

HMV In 'Constructive Discussions' With Banks & Suppliers

585d ago - Concerns surround HMV's continued existence, but it's not all bad - according to NowGamer. | Industry

Mind Zero (Vita) Review

Now - Jae checks out this familiar Vita RPG. | Promoted post

Black Ops 2: Week One Sales Behind Expectations

606d ago - NowGamer: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2's week one sales were behind HMV's expectations according to... | Xbox 360

FIFA 13 Preview Event

685d ago - FIFPlay: EA Sports FIFA 13 to be previewed at hmv Manchester and hmv Trocadero London with footba... | PC

NXTGamer - Diablo 3 HMV Oxford Street’s “biggest product launch ever”

797d ago - Who’d have thought the tiny string of happy campers outside HMV Oxford Street on the 12th would e... | PC

NXTGamer - Fans camping out on Oxford Street for the ‘birth’ of Diablo 3

798d ago - Diablo fans are already queuing up, three days in advance, to get their hands on Diablo 3 before... | PC

A Trip Down The Local Stores – Why Games Retail is Failing

801d ago - 1 more exam to go and I’ll be finished for the year! In the meantime, after intense revision and... | Industry
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