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Kain81  +   1968d ago | Funny
This is what i think about Move
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enkeixpress  +   1968d ago
Well done, Good sir! Bubbles for you!! :D

I like to move it, move it as well :P
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inveni0  +   1968d ago
Agreed. Move is a blast.
Redrum059  +   1968d ago
Kinect is set to release on Nov4. That's pretty stupid seeing it well get overshadowed by the much anticipated launch of GT5 this Nov2.
zootang  +   1968d ago
I thought Microsoft don't stoop to this level?

hay  +   1968d ago
That's some really desperate spin right there.
There's just so many reasons he's wrong I'm not even gonna list them...
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1968d ago
nobody takes him seriously
mikeslemonade  +   1968d ago | Funny
Poor Microsoft and their knit-picking. If I was a MS fanboy I would have trouble defending the 360 ahahahaha.
darthv72  +   1968d ago
oddly enough...he has a point
The move is an alternate control scheme and not a required one. That will change at some point as I am sure sony will want to have some dedicated Move ONLY titles. By that, you will not be able to play them any other way.

Sony knows they cant all of a sudden abandon the DS3 control because that is the main control focus for the system. Unlike Nintendo who's wiimote is used for EVERY title made for the wii. Maybe not fully supported but there are wiimote traces built in to each game.

Kinect on the other hand, that one will have Kinect ONLY titles. Maybe there will come a time where they will have combo games using the kinect and controller but for now....its all about the gesture based games.

I feel that both move and kinect will play an even BIGGER role in their next platforms. Possibly being the focal point to the controls right out of the box. It also wouldnt surprise me if Sony were to integrate move in things other than games. Maybe even have it as the remote of the future for their Bravia sets.

This is just the beginning.
Shadow Flare  +   1968d ago
Aaron Greenberg, the pot calling the kettle black

What games does kinect have to offer at launch? Shovelware and nothin for the core gamer
sikbeta  +   1968d ago
*sigh* .... *says the guy that try to sell kinectimals*
rdgneoz3  +   1968d ago
@darthv72 if they ever do games using both Kinect & a controller, it will defeat the whole idea of Kinect, "You are the controller". Then its basically the same as Move and Wii just about, which they're trying to differentiate themselves from.
CyberCam  +   1968d ago
I see your point. IMO, the additional controller scheme approach is the best implementation of motion controller because it eases players into the technology (especially in mid console cycle) and prepares them for the next-gen of motion controls.

There's nothing like drastically forcing people to into a new technology, you have a 50/50 chance of success (Bluray & HD DVD). Nintendo was the exception because it was new tech & such a novelty that everyone bought one, just to try it out. However, most hardcore gamers quickly realized that wasn't that great for their brand of games (in most cases).

Choice is always a good thing for the consumer!
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Imperator  +   1968d ago
So instead of giving you OPTIONS, MS would rather just force it on you? LOL, yea I'll stick with Sony's approach.
Ju  +   1968d ago
@darthv72 What are you talking about? Sports Champion is Move only and does not work with a controller.

Others give you options, but Move only games are already here. Greenberg is a douche. Blubbing some crap to get recognized.

There will be as many "Move Only" games as Kinect only games (if not more) PLUS (!) the ones giving you options for either move or the controller.
darthv72  +   1968d ago
thank you...
to those who are able to understand what i am saying. People so quick to hit the disagree are obviously seeing what they want instead of what is being said.

Move is a great option for sony and for it to really succeed they need to create the necessity for it. Just making it an option isnt enough. They really need to capitalize on what it could do.

Incentives in games that no DS3 could achieve. What greenburg is saying about the current titles on the market is somewhat true. They are existing games being patched for move as an alternate control type. Sports champions..yes there is 1 game that requires the move but then again it COMES with the move bundle.

I am really looking forward to what sony can do beyond an alternate control for LBP or KZ2. I am not downing move at all. Please understand that I (like many of you) would like to see the realization of what sony has in mind come to fruition instead of seeing it turn into another wii clone.

Quality of games are what sets it apart from the wii but unless sony comes out with some sort of quality control I fear titles COULD end up with tacked on motion support like what has happened with wii.
PSFan100  +   1968d ago
Pew pewwww. Greenberg needs to look at kinects software first, because waving your hands in the air and stopping red balls (with lag) is the game EVERYONE wants!
Anarki  +   1968d ago
So none of the games they designed for Kinect where ever done with eyetoy?
headwing45  +   1968d ago
What you're saying is that Sony needs to make games that can't be done with a controller, and that MR. Grennburg is right because all there kinect games cannot be done with a controller, but I don't think that makes Kinect 'better,' I think if anything, it cripples them. Sony has a choice to patch games that can use both DS3 and MOVE (RE5, Heavy Rain) or make totally new games that can't be done without a controller (Tumble, Start the party, Sorcery.) The move controller really gives sony the opportunity to pretty much create any game they want, were as to microsoft, I don't think there able to achieve that just yet.
shadow2797  +   1968d ago
Which is precisely why I prefer Move to Kinect. I want to be able to play games I like in a brand new way (a la Killzone 3 or Heavy Rain). That's the brilliance of it.

Playing "modified" controller games beats the hell out of talking to little boys and jumping around all over the place.
moparful99  +   1968d ago
@darthv72 One need only looke at titles like echochrome ii to see just how much of a brilliant idea that move is. In echochrome 2 the wand doubles as a sort of flashlight and the objective is to change the perspective of the light to alter shadows. This is simply brilliant and something that just cant be done using traditional controllers. Sony has given consumers "CHOICE" just like they have always done. With move you arent forced to use move with every game. I've already 100% completed re5 and now that move is here I have incentive to go back and play a game that I stopped playing nearly a year ago.. Thats powerful marketing no matter how you spin it. Ohh and intial reports are that retailers cannot keep up with the demand of move far surpassing sony's own expectations of sales.. This thing is a hit..
outrageous  +   1968d ago
If you care about those bubbles of yours you should refrain from posting any posts that agree with M$ position...even on a M$ based thread.

On Topic...Greenberg is right of's common sense. The games have to be designed from the ground up to work with whatever controller was envisioned. Sony doesn't care, just patch it in there and tell them it's hardcore even if it doesn't shoving your Sony Move towards the TV to pick up a weapon while your being shot at in KZ or add aiming assist to make up for the impossible to steady aiming reticule...stuff like that.

Kinect games will be unique because they will be built to use the unique capabilities built in to Kinect. The next wave of Kinect games will impress and be custom to the Kinect experience.
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likedamaster  +   1968d ago
This one always makes me laugh...

But the author of this article is trolling. Well, anything for hits I guess.
WLPowell  +   1968d ago
Greenburg showing his ass again...
the games at launch for kinect were eyetoy games, and remember what happened last time sony made a game this gen that was only playable with motion control? (You know, didn't give you a choice?) The game was called "Lair" and the reviewers just refused to give the game a fair shake, just because of that approach. Sony patched the game so it's now playable by normal means, but oh no, the game is still crap in their eyes (even though it was never THAT bad to begin with, now since the patch the game is a solid 8.)

Now since M$ is doing the same thing, with even less impressive software than even Lair, I'm sure we will see plenty of reviews being completely impartial and giving Kinect's crap the same treatment./s
avengers1978  +   1968d ago
And we care what this person thinks about it why?
Since the Move is alot more successful then everyone thought it would be MS is doing some serious damage control.
And Kinect is basically trying to do the same thing that move is doing just in a different manor.
hakis86  +   1968d ago
Who approved this article
Or anything from Greenberg, really.

Edit: Bubble for Kain81 ;D
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fr0sty  +   1968d ago
he's basically admitting that kinect isn't versatile enough to be able to be ported to existing games. he's trying to make one of move's strengths look like a weakness. hilarious.
MariaHelFutura  +   1968d ago
MariaHelFutura calls Greenbergs sanity into question.

1:1 is for real and Kinect has ALOT to prove.
Godmars290  +   1968d ago
Just because its likely going to need a few months after launch to prove itself? Deliver on promises made two years ago?

Do in fact what Move and the PSeye are already doing?
Theoneneo81  +   1968d ago
Dear Greenburg F*ck you. oh and if you wanna question software how about this
hmouzy  +   1968d ago
i just saw that video,n boys if u want play this with somebody u have to stay a way about 1m, or this gonna work here in uk?most living rooms r 4x3m. ex;1 avarage person with both arms up in air, will b about 1m,75cm length. now make the maths, remember the living room got units sofas etc.
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hmouzy  +   1968d ago
my bad...
avarage living room size; 4x5m.well my is a 3 bedroom house, n got that size.2 bedroom may b r smaller or same size.
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Parapraxis  +   1968d ago
Got the Move yesterday (actually the bundle & and extra controller) and I've had a blast with it.
Currently playing RE5 and it's very accurate.
Move is FAR more accurate than the wiimote.
Calibration in Sports Champions takes a matter or 5 seconds and makes the game react precisely to every minute movement.
Very pleased with move, and all 4 of us who played it until 2:30 in the morning are as well.
Software is good, not great, but with the games set to be released and the few that are getting patched, Move already has a solid lineup. The same CANNOT be said for Kinect, which has shown to be very poor at what it claims to do. There's a reason why both Sony and Nintendo passed up on the Kinect tech years doesn't work well enough.
inveni0  +   1968d ago
I picked it up yesterday as well. I've been VERY impressed. It took a little time to get my camera set up right (I have little space to work with) so that my son and I can both be easily visible, but now that it's rolling, it's really been amazing. Sports Champions is great because the different difficulty levels impact how 1:1 or gesture based the controller is. It's been a ton of fun. Unlike many of the reviews, I like ALL of the titles on SC. I even find myself jumping to spike in Beach Volleyball. And Bocce Ball is a good team-based game. The accuracy of Table Tennis is astounding

Move has my approval. Greenburg is yet to earn it.
Focker-420  +   1968d ago

LMAO, you just copy & pasted ur exact same comment from the CVG comments.
fooltheman  +   1968d ago

I jump too lol...haha
dirtydbz  +   1968d ago
guilty as charged I am a jumper also I will have bare spots on the celing soon enough as I am 6'3" and I won't be playing with anyone else because well I am just to darn longand my living room is too dam small
LF91  +   1968d ago
ive got to agree, move is a blast to play. I got my move bundle on friday, played the sports champion demo then bought the full game today. and i love it, especially gladiators thats great fun. me and my bro have played it none stop, i hope they add online to it tho. table tennis tournaments online would be mega.
moparful99  +   1968d ago
LMAO I jump in volleyball and gladiator duel.. My arms, butt, thighs, calves forearms, chest, shoulders and abs havent stopped aching since I bought my move.. Its a workout! lol but it's soooo much fun.. Thank you sony..
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1968d ago
I like to Move it, remix:
MAG_SVER  +   1968d ago
How about saying that most of what Kinect can do has already been done with PS EYE, so it is not revolutionary. What MS did to this generation is a Technology: Apocalypse Or Eden.

Basically what they did was try & destroy PS EYE/Sony stating that it is not needed in gaming & now make it their own by saying it is now the FUTURE Of GAMING (hell no) with this function/feature & so on.

Apocalypse Or Eden- destroying something & trying to make it more Advance for Future purpose which KINECT is NOT, it's not even WORKING properly.

How about you cover that TOPIC Aarongant Greenberg
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Anton Chigurh  +   1968d ago
Look to his f@ce
He must be h!gh on some serious drug$
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shark97  +   1968d ago
don't make it personal .. and people can't choose how their faces looks right?
RankFTW  +   1968d ago
I had a choice of three faces when I was born, didn't you?
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morganfell  +   1968d ago | Well said
Considering the smoke and mirrors of the fake Kinect stage presentations Greenburg couldn't have made a bigger ass of himself with these remarks. Doesn't he remember being at E3? GC?

And everyone's favorite:
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mantisimo  +   1968d ago
I agree Morg'
but sadly the Kinect system will neither work in smoke or with mirrors.

Or in bright light, if you happen to need to sit down or are black, or in a skirt/baggy trousers.
HeroXIV  +   1968d ago
Agree Morg, agree mantisimo.
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boodybandit  +   1968d ago
All the links you provided are flat out embarrassing. MS has no shame at all and Greenburg proves that every time he opens his mouth.
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headwing45  +   1968d ago
Videos were painful to watch :/

I can't believe Microsoft is going to sell that to people... for more then the move
insomnium  +   1968d ago
Yeah Mike it's embarrassing. The thing that pains me even more is that I know Kinect will sell atleast twice as much as Move will. MS will throw immense amounts of money on marketing and show falsified adverts for Kinect where the lag is non existant and there are no misinterpretations made by the camera at all.

Kinect will sell atleast 4-5 million in USA but here in europe they can't lie to people without being sued to hell so here Kinect won't sell that much I would think. Could be wrong though but I hope I'm not. We don't even need to talk about Japan (I hope).
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Erotic Sheep  +   1967d ago
Wow... that third video had one UGLY girl. Was that even a girl?
pixelsword  +   1968d ago
Greenburg's really making it hard for me to pull my punches about kinect until I get to try it. If you're going off of what's out at launch, even if all of kinect's software is custom-made, it's still going to be mostly rail-shooters and/or simplistic controls from what we know about most of the games shown for kinect.
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user3915800  +   1968d ago
At first glance I saw the Move to rock
I could not wait for move to come out, but now that I know what this is, I most said that its nothing more than the wii numbchucks plus. I wont be buying this at all, I stick to my PS3 controllers, but who knows, maybe they have something worth trying for it, but I dont want no more innacurate stuff like the wii controllers, I had enough of that.
dirtydbz  +   1968d ago
it is acurate and you have to move for it to workif you don't move enough it doesn't work( unlike wii)
DigitalRaptor  +   1968d ago
Well said. Although I think the Move is worth getting even at this early stage.
moparful99  +   1968d ago
Dude move blows the wii out of the water. Graphics are crisp and clean, sound is great, controls are precise and intuitive. Best of all its true 1:1 movement.. Every movement you make is represented in the game unlike the wii's gesture based pre canned animations.. Trust me move is worth every penny..
CyberCam  +   1968d ago
It all comes down to controller customization!
The biggest deciding factor is how well it's implemented into Action/FPS/RPS/RTS games.

For FPS games (the most popular genre presently) they need to make sure they allow the option for a stationary reticle (in the middle of the screen) and only move the camera, like shooter fans are use too. I've seen quite a few MAG/Socom4/Killzone 3 forum posts on the topic... I think that will make or break the acceptance of Move for the shooter fan.
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ndibu  +   1968d ago
Lets look at the list of launch titles that cannot be played with anything else than Move
Sports Champion 75
Tumble 69
Start The Party 55
Racquet Sports 54
Kung Fu Rider 36
Eye Pet Move edition* 69
Ok so lets tally it up shall we?
59.7 %. Except for Sports Champion, nothing on Move right now is worth picking up.

*breaking the rule a bit here since there's a version that can be played without Move. The score would have been 57% without it in we'll let it in.
By the way, this is how i got the percentages because I know we didn't all take maths in school.
(75 + 69 + 55 + 54 + 36 + 69)/600. 600 because all their scores are out of a hundred each.
So in all honesty here, if you take off your SONY shades, you'll see that Aaron is saying it like it is.
Ju  +   1968d ago
Yeah, we are looking forward to the 100% Kinect only titles. They sure will show us. /s
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Trroy  +   1968d ago
But... all the games you mentioned weren't the ones Greenburg was referring to. He was knocking the Move for games that use the Move as an alternate controller, like MAG, SOCOM 4, Killzone 3, LBP2, Heavy Rain, etc.

Lets compare the review scores of those games to the Kinect-exclusive titles he wants to compare them to, when Kinect comes out, shall we?
weazel  +   1968d ago
Lets look at ndibu's self-important pompous ramblings with not an ounce of objective comparison.
..uh-huh ndibu. M'kay...I see what you're getting at, with your supercilious tone.
Why don't you 'n Aaron (it's cool that you're both on first name terms), magic up some statistics in two months, eh? Sports Champions, Eye-Pet, and Tumble have reasonably good scores, and its gonna be interesting to see how the Kinect release day line up pans out. So, see you in two months, where we can compare like for like. Wheeeeeee!
Fingers crossed, eh little fella!
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Jonoc33  +   1968d ago
ra ra ra reviews are everything.
how about play the games yourself and then talk?
ryuzu  +   1968d ago

Wii Sports - 75%
Elebits - 75%
Red Steel - 65%

See how this works?

As one more point of note - Metacritic doesn't have all the scores in their averages, and in the case of Tumble, it is rather harshly rated as 3.5/10 by IGN which is clearly a symptom of a bad review/reviewer in that case and drags the average down.

Imperator  +   1968d ago
Greenburg really get's on my nerves.
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Kishin  +   1968d ago
JokesOnYou  +   1968d ago
Nothing wrong with what he said....
Speaking to GamesMaster's Rory Smith for CVG at Tokyo Games Show, Greenberg said that MS's launch software for Kinect was in stark contrast to Move's - as it had been built specifically for the device.

"I think that most of the experiences designed for Kinect were designed from the ground up," he said. "The difference is, it seems, a lot of the games made for Move are really controller-based games that [developers have] added the Move functionality to.

"Our approach has been different, because we feel that a controller is the best way to play games like Halo or Call of Duty. So we'd rather not have you have to choose between using a controller or motion controller; we'd rather design experiences that are uniquely made for Kinect.

-hmmm, despite the headline everything he said seems pretty accurate to me, the only thing to really disagree about is that move may also have some games built from the ground up only for move also, but the point is move is also more controller oriented with move support added, which btw theres nothing wrong with that its just a different focus vs kinect, so he does make a great point when he alludes to this difference with "Our approach has been different" etc...aaahhh but I guess when sony comments about micro its taken as gospel on n4g, any comment about sony from micro no matter how accurate it is, is a NO, NO, lmfao...n4g has become a sony trolled cesspool.

-I actually wish micro would copy sonys strategy with motion controls= lean more to utilizing kinect+standard controls for more hardcore experiences, I think this combination would show off kinects versatility and that would be far more interesting to me than all this casual BS I've seen so far from both companys.

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strickers  +   1968d ago
I like the praising MS for doing Kinect only stuff.I read early on that devs HAVE to code ground up for Kinect and that putting it in half way through development or as a patch is not possible.I think MS would love have this level of software support but they can only pay so many devs at once.The fact is that Kinect would not work on games like shooters,it's too slow and unresponsive with no buttons to fire.
MS have a problem that when they release Kinect it will face direct comparison with Move.They need Kinect exclusives to avoid a head to head.Apart from dancing games I see no way Kinect could come out on top.
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RBLAZE1988  +   1968d ago
This guy just talked himself in a circle he said move software is just a controller based games with motion controls tacked on then he said later kinect will have games that use both a controller and kinect...What a douche. Hey greenberg maybe sony doesn't wanna alienate their fans so they give them the choice of controls.

Also he said the kinect will have experiences built from the ground up for kinect...So I guess all kinect games are confirmed to be mini games or on rails...or both
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fuckitimout  +   1968d ago
move is balls
end of story
tinybigman  +   1968d ago
someone should tell him
about all the on-rail shovelware kinect has coming. just shut up aaron and tell your company to get with the program and give me games i want instead of this kinect crap.
bustamove  +   1968d ago
Brb, loling hard at Greenburg now.
Chucky2003  +   1968d ago
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Christopher  +   1968d ago
As opposed to Microsoft's lineup of games, which are also controller-alternatives to existing games?
Keyop  +   1968d ago
jellybalboa  +   1968d ago
aaron greenburger
yep thats microsofts greenburger, extra onions
Introspective   1968d ago | Spam
bjornbear  +   1968d ago
this guy spends half his PR Mana talking about the competiton

the other half cheering over NPD reports.

frostypants  +   1967d ago
Greenberg knows about as much about gaming as my grandmother knows about grunge rock. How did this turd get his job?
Leio  +   1967d ago
Cant believe people can get pay for being stupid :/
PirateThom  +   1968d ago
vhero  +   1968d ago
Exactly... Only fanboys need to actually comment on this article gamers stay away!
TOO PAWNED  +   1968d ago
i agree that software is not that strong. Sports champions being only solid game so far. Please don't mention Shoot, Eye Pet, start the party and other crappy queer games. Where is that flashlight horror game?!
PSN:Globox_82 add me
fooltheman  +   1968d ago
Eyepet is great... (it's not a gay game)
don't judge the game on it's cover...
PirateThom  +   1968d ago
Does Heavy Rain work with Move yet?

It may, potentially, be the best game if it does.

Beat Sketcher is alright if you like MS Paint.
moparful99  +   1968d ago
piratethom heavy rains move patch comes out on wednesday the 22nd..
Why o why  +   1968d ago
lolzers  +   1968d ago
( o )( o )
sarshelyam  +   1968d ago
...boobs indeed Mr.lolzers!
Lovable  +   1968d ago
Read the article. Flaimbait title.
Oldsnake007  +   1968d ago
I agree
seriously this site pisses me off with it's flamebait titles.
Zir0  +   1968d ago
Move needs games specifically designed for it or it will just be considered an extra like having a steering wheel controller for a racing game.
Seijoru  +   1968d ago
And it does have games that will do that like Sorcery.
TOO PAWNED  +   1968d ago
Sorcery, Heroes on the move are for next year . Greeberg is talking about NOW. Learn to read. Ignorant people
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skip2mylou  +   1968d ago
what games does kinect have coming out NOW, besides trash exercise crap
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1968d ago
OK TOO...Tumble and Echochrome. Happies?
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TOO PAWNED  +   1968d ago
Kinect is another subject about which i could not care less. I am exclusive PS3 owner, dont care about WIi or Kinect. thats for fanboys.
I just said that i agree about Move launch line up. Tumble, Echochrome really? Are those killer app games for move?
Kinect will suk, we all know that, but this is about move not kinect. Stop pushing kinect down my troat.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1968d ago
Ignoring the Facts that PS Move have exclusive designed games.
King_many_layers  +   1968d ago
games which allow you to freely control where your character (or object) can move
Carl1412  +   1968d ago
Has he seen the Kinect line up recently?
BeAGamer  +   1968d ago
no, his head is too far up his a$$ to even see the light of day
mrv321  +   1968d ago
Which is unfortunate because it's not in optimal light conditions for Natal to work... Optimal light being somewhere between the light of a White star or the centre of a Nuclear explosions.
Delicious Malicious  +   1968d ago
Yah he has and there awesome. MS answered the Hardcore gamers with Project Draco, Steel Battalion:Heavy Armor, Rise of Nightmares, Codename D, Child of Eden, Haunt, New Wrestling game in collaboration with Spike, Dr Kawashima's Body and Brain Exercises, Forza Kinect, MGS Rising with kinect,Adrenalin Misfits,Game Party in Motion, Star Wars Kinect. Thats just the game we know about MS likes to be secretive unlike Sony.
Delicious Malicious  +   1968d ago
Thanks for proving me right everyone who put disagree. Sony Fanboys are nothing more and alot less than single minded Slags . Oh well This site runs rampant with you, like a plague. Go watch all Kevin Butlers commercials and make yourselves feel better for buying a move. Cry in your pillows, for getting raped by Kevin. HAHA Slags!
Focker-420  +   1968d ago
Are any of those good?? Have you seen any gameplay??

edit: Ummm since when is MGS:R using Kinect?? That was just a rumor and never confirmed.
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Delicious Malicious  +   1968d ago
I just gave the list of games, Carl1412 said,"Has he seen the Kinect line up recently?". Has he seen any of these games played? Well f*** no but he still talks trash. Ive made my case. The Defense Rests Your Honor!!!!
DigitalRaptor  +   1968d ago
Sadly, 99% of those games will be downloadable arcade games. So nothing more than on-rails shooters. And only their titles and very basic description has been released. No images, videos gameplay, anything.

Rising is not coming to Kinect. Microsoft just likes promoting the fact that MGS is now also on the X360.

The rest is just you grasping at straws. The Forza Kinect demo was made so that MS had something to show at E3 for the hardcore. Yet, the demo didn't work with acceleration or braking. A racing game (touted as Simulation Racing) without those features is gonna work how exactly?

Star Wars Kinect will be a mediocre on-rails game and that trailer was smoke & mirrors BS, yet again to make MS look like they have anything good to show for Kinect.

You need to face facts dude, that Kinect is nothing more than a waste of everybody's time. Games made for Kinect are only a fraction of the games they could be (particularly in the gameplay department) because of the limitations of controller-free gaming.
Adva  +   1968d ago
So you mention 2011 games, but forget about MOVE 2011 games? Are you in your senses? Take off those fanboy goggles.
Star Wars Kinect? The one where their pre-recorded video messed up?
Forza Kinect, lets check out the car rather than drive it, haha. Although it's not bad.
Lets not forget the video clips of those other games with no actual gameplay footage.
fuckoffodion  +   1968d ago
awww look
The fanboy made a new account.
Bell Boy  +   1968d ago
Can we have the links for MGS Rising with Kinect support....or did you just pull that from the fanboy bs handbook
RBLAZE1988  +   1968d ago
rising doesn't support far as i know. if you think any of those core games will have full kinect support you're gonna be disappointed...i'd say like 25% of draco steel battalion etc will only be kinect the rest will be controller based. If they are full kinect games that don't need 360 controllers they won't be core games they'll be on-rails or mini games
ThatIrishGamer  +   1967d ago
LMAO. . .that lineup
is exactly what we mean!! Mr. Greenberg has a cheek talking about Move games when all his own games involve EyeToy games from 2003. Hilarious. While Move people are playing SOCOM and KILLZONE3. . .Kinect people will be pretending to pet a virtual tiger! Hahahahahaha.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1968d ago
''Xbox man says games for Sony device are 'really controller-based games''

¿And that is an issue?
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Bumpmapping  +   1968d ago
I would like to call 360 software lineup into question
Most games are shooter multiplatforms.
dosgrtr  +   1968d ago
Greenberg:"Now, there is the ability to have hybrid games that combine both - but we think those will be designed uniquely for that experience too."

etownone  +   1968d ago
Why is that funny ?

I'm curious to see what games can come out that combine both.
That can actually be a great thing if done right.

Unless of course your just another typical sonykid, then all logic and reason goes out the window when it comes to anything positive about any other console, other then your precious PS3.
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dosgrtr  +   1968d ago
nah man i own and enjoy both consoles,it's funny how he disses the move then goes on to say that
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1968d ago

That statement blurs the line between hypocrisy and stupidity.
thebudgetgamer  +   1968d ago
thats odd,
i thought microsoft took the high road and sony were the mud slingers.
tiamat5  +   1968d ago
Aaron Greenberg talking. Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! *snore* Zzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! *mumble in sleep* hater!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzz!!!!
PandemicPrawn0  +   1968d ago
The title of this article is somewhat inflammatory. But it’s not an entirely untrue statement from Greenburg.

I think that both Sony and Microsoft’s approach on this upcoming motion wars have merit.

By Sony “tacking on” Move support into existing games they can bolster the available move software with very little effort and cost.

Kinect on the other hand simply will not allow for any such thing. So software would need to be created from scratch. Hopefully this will create completely new genres and experiences.

Neither strategy is wrong in my opinion.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1968d ago
AG is spinning their disadvantages off as advantages.

There's a limit to the type of experiences available with Kinect.
Solid_Snakeps3  +   1968d ago
please Greenberg go back to Bill Gates' basement

Is Greenberg, Bill Gates' pet?
#12 (Edited 1968d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ssj2gohan83  +   1968d ago
No, he's monkey boy, chair throwing, Balmer's pet. Gates retired from MS a few years ago.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   1968d ago
i call
microsoft's hardware into question...
BYE  +   1968d ago
While at it, you should call their software into question, too.

OK, maybe Windows 7 can go, they successfully copied Mac OS X this time.
No FanS Land  +   1968d ago
ironically the latest itunes update made it look like windows media player11.
cliffbo  +   1968d ago
so we have the best of both worlds and he manages to make a negative out of it? LOL
AlienFodder  +   1968d ago
Seriously! LOL! It's a win-win situation for all PS3 owners who will or have decided to opt for the Move.
cliffbo  +   1968d ago
to me, the fact he's picked up on that shows MS know it's a big selling point and so they're giving the fanboys some ammunition... we'll just laugh at them as usual though.
AlienFodder  +   1968d ago
Tsk, tsk... Jealousy is an ugly thing, Mr. Greenberg.
Lookbehind  +   1968d ago
Oh well.......
Just old "Greenbug"spewing his verbal diarreaha again......
ace660  +   1968d ago
pew pew pew
SSKILLZ  +   1968d ago
"I think that most of the experiences designed for Kinect were designed from the ground up," he said. "The difference is, it seems, a lot of the games made for Move are really controller-based games that [developers have] added the Move functionality to.

NO sh!t Sherlock, hard core games have been given the move functionality, because it's a OPTION .
Bell Boy  +   1968d ago
True.. I would think this is a major selling point of Move in that most games you buy in the future will support your Move controller as well as dualshock giving you various options in how to play the game. Move only games appear to be cheaper for the most part which is another win

Or you could opt for the competitions wave your hands in the air with little control of the action option. O and you get to pay the full $60 for the privilege

Take your
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etownone  +   1968d ago
Looking for to see some of these "hybrid" games for Kinnect.

And also waiting to see if MOVE is so accurate and fast as in 1:1 that it does actually give you an advantage in FPS.
DaBadGuy  +   1968d ago
Yar, me thinks of it like this ya see. Move may be getting tacked on to existing games, but that ain't a bad thing. Kinect however, yargh they make the games from scratch just for Kinect and they are original, but originality ain't necessarily always good, just different. But people be forgettin' that ye have the option to opt out of both. Aye, that'll be what I'm doin for the time bein'. Me riches aren't at their highest right now so I be rationin out me spendin. I have a lot of pre-orders already for this autumn on big games like the Fallout New Vegas and Dead Rising 2. Yargh, I own all 3 consoles so the gamin possibilities be endless. I can't wait for yonder Kirby: Epic Yarn, he be such a cuddly cute blob o' pink happiness. Yar Har Har.
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Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1968d ago
Avast maties,
Tis Talk like a Pirate Day Today. Shiver me timers, ARRR!
#20.1 (Edited 1968d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DaBadGuy  +   1968d ago
Today, the 19th of September, be talk like a Pirate Day, and I have an accord with Dchalfont. I get to talk salty for the rest o' the day. It's best I be gettin it out o' my system now, because tomorrow be just another day.
etownone  +   1968d ago
talk salty

Lol ... bubbles up
acere  +   1968d ago
jony_dols  +   1968d ago
Yeah the Wii is an amazing piece of technoligy.

95% Of the Wii library isn't shovelware

It isn't outdated at all.
jony_dols  +   1968d ago
Id prefer 1 heavy rain move update to 20 shovelware titles anyday.

Making a great game better 4 free, how dare you sony for not squeezing every last penny out of the consumer.
Britney Spears  +   1968d ago
he's mad
Sorcery,nuff said...
wenaldy  +   1968d ago
I have the same question about Kinect software.. Hmmm.. ON RAILS FTW!!!!
kanedaakira  +   1968d ago
Anybody played Tumble yet ? A perfect example of what Move is capable of and an absolutely brilliant game !
darkdoom3000  +   1968d ago
Totally agreed! I cannot understand IGN's 3.5
It's an 8 for me. needs custom soundtracks
kanedaakira  +   1968d ago
IGN gave it a 3.5 !
I don't read reviews very often but it is surely 8.5+ for me so far....

for only 8 quid - I have witnessed true 3d spacial recognition and some fiendishly addictive puzzles.

The level of accuracy required for some levels is 2 year old daughter is starting to get the hang of it too...! intuitive and precise - damn - does need custom tracks though...Peace
callahan09  +   1968d ago
IGN gave it a 3.5 because they suck at the game. Plain and simple. They scored it based on difficulty and not design. I sucked at the game at first, too, but then I started to get more skilled with a steady hand and really started to understand which pieces to use for slipperiness and weight in what situations, and the proper types of shape to try to build up for each situation. It is a game that doesn't hold your hand, it can be very difficult, but it's not a flaw with the game's design, and it doesn't deserve to be given a shit score just because it isn't a cake walk. The game has perfect controls, crisp, clean nice looking graphics, a lots of features and levels to enjoy. Good game. I learned to like it after failing many times in the early stages before getting better.
MRHARDON  +   1968d ago
I love when we make a Sony attacking MS artical, its good.....but when MS attacks Sony artical appears, the Sony Bots attack full force.
#26 (Edited 1968d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
ndibu  +   1968d ago
SDF...ASSEMBLE!!!'re already here. Awesome. Good work fellas. Because the launching titles truly do represent Move, what with the Start The Party and what not.
Law of N4G. Sony say something bad about the competition and it's ok because Lord Sony only speaks the truth. Microsoft however are not allowed to speak the truth.
Seriously though, Kinect and Wii out of the picture, what Move-specific game is anything to write home about at this point? Go on, I'll wait.
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1968d ago
glad you reminded us, I forgot the amazing launch titles the wii had when it dropped. Must be horrible seeing as how we have the option to play several major title games that most of us already own with the option of using the motion controls or the normal control pad, with several more big titles dropping soon.

speaking of launch titles what are you picking up for the eyetoy2 when MS drops it for 150 bucks(dance,joy ride,"wii" sports,animals,body adventures)

Sweeper_  +   1968d ago
I like Greenberg.He calls it like it is
djfullshred  +   1968d ago
They have to create different games from the ground up for Kinect, because most games that people already like won't work very good with that system. I think it is an indication of the limitations of Kinect.
Staude  +   1968d ago
I thought the point of the move was to also appeal to gamers ? IE modify already existing games is a very good way of doing just that.

I have two move controllers and I've had fun with them so far.. But the only modified game i've tried was the Eyepet demo.. The rest were move only titles..

Though I am concidering some of the other.. And definately getting KZ3 when it comes :P
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