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steves1126  +   811d ago
I feel so bad for this guy and anyone who is having trouble. He sounds so frustrated.
My friend had a hiccup last night getting his update going but after a full disconnection/reconnection, he was good to go.
Colieo_87  +   811d ago
oh MY!!!!

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sackboyhappy  +   811d ago
video keeps stopping at 16 seconds
Good-Smurf  +   811d ago
WTF Gamespot and IGN are doing now?
I don't see a single article about xbox problem on their sites?!
Their sites are going to explode when it starts to roll out news again next monday LOL.
saber00005  +   811d ago
As a PC, and PS4 owner... Every product (including the Xbox One) WILL have its handful of flaws..
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   811d ago
Regardless of this bad news coming out! I must say I went with a buddy to get his One last night. I'm a PS4 owner mind you! And we downloaded KI and I must say, playing it actually had me hooked! I don't like the new character designed or anything! It lost a little of its soul from the original! But man I had a blast playing it! I also like the new controller design as well! The One and PS4 controllers are freaking great! Happy gaming to all!
GentlemenRUs  +   811d ago
Anyone know the Failure % yet?
OhhWerd  +   811d ago
Well heres to hoping mine functions considering Gamestop packed it with it on the bottom of the box with padding only on the top side of the box. nice work geniuses.
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