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PrimeGrime  +   997d ago
How is this interesting. It literally looks like a new grounds game from like 2001 or something. Not much interesting about the combat since it is clearly luck based for the most part.

You aren't straining yourself trying to bust a combo, your simply diving and kicking.. Yes very technical. I hate to be an ass about this game but why are people so excited for this? That crap will get so old, so fast.

If it is free hey can't complain about free but if they expect people to pay for that.. Just wow.
Andrew Wiggin  +   997d ago
It's a game you have to play to understand. There is no luck in the combat, it's removing the combo memorization from the fighting game and getting straight to the high level mind games. In fact, if you want the interview they explain precisely that.
fsfsxii  +   997d ago
Sorry, but wtf is this?? This should be a mobile game.
wtfbbq8  +   997d ago
seriously would anyone try this game even if it's free?

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