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I thought everybody hated the idea of a digital only console. Sony does it and now everyone dont mind it lol. I see this as a test and if the digital does outsell which Im sure it will assuming the price is cheaper, Im sure by the next couple of gens, physical will cease to exist. This also means theres a higher chance of devs abandoning physical copies now.
No more trade ins and borrowing. Heavy reliance on internet connectivity. No true ownership. I guess people want that now.

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Gameplay please.

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Platinumed and put in perhaps 200+hrs on the vita release with 4 or 5 playthroughs. One of the best jrpgs Ive ever played and liked it more than even p5r. Needs a ps4/5 and switch release.

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It should just be delayed to next year at this point with all this crazy going on this year.

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BC is just playing old gen games.
Smart delivery is basically just crossbuy with current gen and next gen at no extra cost, the next gen version having enhancements with the new hardware and you keep your save. Not very complicated lol.

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Bought this a few months ago and ugh the game feels so generic. Hate how you have to do so much grinding for side missions to get a high enough level for the main story. And odyssey I hear is even worse. Really hope valhalla fixes this.

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There were many articles saying it would be gameplay focused but do forgive me as I don't know if sony said it themselves or not so bad on me for overhyping. And please enlighten me on sources of most of those games running 60fps on the ps5 lol. There was no way of telling with that 30fps limit.
Its funny since many ps fanboys were crying about 60fps not being the standard, and now you guys dont care? Ok. Ill still get a ps5 day one as I know the quality is indeed there for first...

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The ps5 event could've and should've been better. No real gameplay from the best games shown, no confirmed set dates or launch titles and theres only 5 months left smh. I will be purchasing day 1 though since I really want the better hardware and demons souls.

Let me tell ya though, if games still keep going for 30fps on console, then I will just keep getting my 3rd party titles on pc lol. Sony has been very quiet about framerates and limited the stream to 30fps so...

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Eh old game, dont care. We all know dem casuals will still spend a ton on it though.

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Oh God I would love a remake/remaster/definitive edition that does a much better ending than the two that the original has.

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1st half of the game was excellent and then the other half was just repetetive ruins exploring for the story and just self and past discovery told through holograms. Most characters were generic and forgettable and even aloy was just meh. Dropped the game for like a year or two until I finally finished it. Visuals are crazy amazing though. I did overall enjoy the game. Cant wait for the sequel, do hope it fixes these.

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Its quite ludicrous they haven't done so yet lol. Im sure it'll happen sooner or later. Guess they just want to test the waters for the pc release.

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Really excited for infinite. And please show us gameplay.

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No, just needs to be better than zero dawn is all it needs. Botw can stay being botw.

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Atlus/sega really are inconsistent with their platform releases lol. This game really needs a ps4 and switch port too.

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4k60 is a bit tough for even high end PCs. Well depending on graphics settings of course. Its only a matter of devs giving us the option for better framerate or graphics on console really. Unfortunately I feel many games still wont give us the option just like the current gen...
Sony's first party we all know will prioritize dem graphics.

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If the resoulution mode isnt native 4k, then ill take 1080p60 any day. Really hope most next gen games give us that option. I mean come on with that new cpu, theres no excuse for a 60fps mode.

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