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Good lord. Haha. Some people are really down bad.

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If they wanted to, I feel like a Halo Wars 3 would sell like crazy right now.

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They'll just release it on regular NSO. There won't be a need to create an 18+ app that is solely dedicated to M rated titles. There's like, 5 M rated games on N64.

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People said that about Black Ops 3, was one of the highest selling entries of the entire franchise at the time.

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Every single year articles like this surface. The answer is no. No CODs time is not up. You know how everyone on this site is a genius and only plays the best games? Many many many more people exist that only play EA Sports or COD. And they buy the new ones every year.

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That headline is so cringe.

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Literally every feature of Mario Wonder is new. RE4 remake and Spider-Man 2 are objectively better games than Hogwarts.

You guys wanting HL to be GOTY need to actually support your claim with reasons why it's so good. But no one in this thread has been able to do that.

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The culture warriors are strong in this thread.

The game is categorically mid. But because the creator of the (really juvenile) universe is publicly transphobic, the Gamerz are calling for the game to be GOTY lmao

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You're arguing about grammar. Everyone else is arguing about whether or not trans people exist.

Trans people do exist. And they're not hurting any of yall lol

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@Jeece there's no need to cite scientific studies.

People have gender identity. Most people identify as the gender that matches their biological sex. Some people don't.

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@garos82 what unique features does it offer that no other RPG has done before?

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Part 1 Remake is marginally better looking than Part 1 Remastered. It wasn't worth $70.

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Imagine not knowing the difference between biological sex and gender and just assuming your "muh common sense" take is somehow profound.

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It's a mediocre RPG for people who are invested in a mediocre fantasy universe. It does nothing innovative, it is still victim to JK Rowling's hamfisted world building inconsistencies, and of course the controversy surrounding JK Rowling donating her wealth to anti-trans lobby groups.

The only people who are clamoring for its inclusion to the GOTY category are committed culture warriors that want to stick it to the "wOkE mOb".

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Aside from some minor QOL things, it's still a bloody brilliant game. It never overstays its welcome, the music is s tier, the action feels tight, and the nostalgia is still strong as ever. Why wouldn't you play OoT right now?

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Yeah, that's online gaming for you.

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Man, I hate games journalism.

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They're not refusing to show it, there are LICENSES that they don't possess.

Disney and Sony. It was in all the papers.

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