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Game of the Year 2010

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so now SO4 is a bad game bots? Woah, you bots love to spin things around!

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if it works on the ps3 like a ps2 game, wow, that would be awesome

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Not really interested since you have to pay, I will probably buy the Wii one.

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Worst RE ever.

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Maybe a trailer of the new Raiden game, or a new Snake game... who knows, that's why I love MGS games and Kojima as game designer.

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Superior version on PS3 reconfirmed.

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So they deleted stuff from the xbox version? Wow, that gotta suck if your only option is that console...

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Now the bots will come and will spin this around like they do all the time.

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You guys take the bots too seriously... they are nothing, just a bunch of nuts and bolts and zero brain... The best thing you can do when you face a bot is point at it and laugh.

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Sega already released a portable megadrive, it was crap.

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Bullshit, everybody knows that it was due to the flopbox port, that's the reason behind the bad reviews.

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Since the flopbox doesn't have games, the superior PS3 is now the number one console in the world.

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Fumito Ueda and his team are great designers, I'm sure this game will deliver an epic experience like they did with ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. BTW I remember a movie where a guy played Shadow of the Colossus.

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You can always replay your favourite games... I'm playing SMW right now. I know elder dudes and ladies like playing old amstrad games.

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come on bots, we forgive you all the stuff you have said, go and buy a PS3 and enjoy the true gaming experience.

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change your name to gimped brain thx.

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No bots, no lag, 100% fun.

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hahahahahaha nice joke

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Before I die? I would rather dying that playing a game from the flopbox! HA!

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