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what if there's a year with no good games, like the xbox years? Then it's a good idea to replay the PS2,Nintendo and PSX games!

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Stop making new accounts!

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It's the same old crap they've been making for the last six years...

The enemies look childish, the main characters look like something to impress the teen masses, and what the hell, they are trying to make the Halo series into the Power Rangers!!!


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1.Flop confirmed
2.Thanks for betatesting this for us bots, since the PS3 version will be good!

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One of the best games on Wii.

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I remember an old movie about a Super Mario Bros tournament. What a bad movie it was.

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I like videogames but I would never work as a game tester... takes out all the fun of a brand new game.

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No, it won't work at all.

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How can MS win 2010 without games?

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So what's the big deal with this? I have the Wii to play that kind of games, and it's not fun anymore. This is just a copy of the PlayStation Eye.

Microsoft is always copying Sony!

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Thanks God I have a PS3, because this Natal thing looks awful.

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Of course not, Microsoft promised thath 2008 and 09 would be the year of the Xbox, and it didn't happen. It won't happen in 2010.

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Finally, and that image you used is awesome!

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Beta test this for us botsies.

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Microsoft can't be bothered with this. You suck M$, you suck!

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I'm sure there will be XV, as there is XIV. Wada can say whatever he wants.

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What a bot, the world is swarming with preposterous bots.

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Yawn... nothing new to see here, move along people, it's just another average shooter for the average spoiled brat...

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You don't have that and you know it, kid.

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Natas has failed, yes.

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