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What games does the Xbox have? I can play Mass Effect 2 in PC, so it's not exclusive!

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Everyone knows that the xbox port is way inferior. I only feel sorry for the poor speaker there...

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M$ is killing gaming! A bad console that doesn't have games!

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Xbox is the worst console ever.

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Enjoy the disc-swapping exclusive version xtards.

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Gears of War 3 multiplat, bots doomsday.

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Looks like another game that puts to shame the whole xbox catalogue.

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wow, the ps3 version looks much better thanks to its superiority and bluray.

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they are desperate for hits!

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People with both consoles now that the PS3 version is waaaaaaaay superior.

Can't blame the brainless xbots that don't own the best gaming device ever, the glorious PlayStation 3, their only option is to buy a flawed version of this great game.

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The only biatching are the xbotslemmings! They suck!

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thanks goodness for shooting games!

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More like, insert DVD, installation of 30 min.... play 10 hours...RROD, go to M$ tech support, wait a month. Repeat the loop 360 times until your are satisfied.

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Another game that bots won't see because they are idiots! Mwahahahaha...

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It is indeed! Both games don't reach 10 gigs. But 18.3 GB is awful for a supposed HD next gen console!

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We will say, Play4Ever.

Bots got owned again in the spot where it hurts the most, the mandatory installs.

So if I was a bot,and wanted to play FFXIII and other games that require installation, I would be screwed if I had a 20Gb model, I couldn't play anything else than XIII.

Play b3yond bots.

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the only console failing here is the one that has a 54.5% failure rate, scratches disks,expensive accesories and boring games.

I'm looking at you flopbox 360, mwhahahahahha

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