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"You have enough with my face".

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Bots can't understand this game, they are that dense.

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The issue will be fixed in the superior PS3 version.

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Woah, a 9??? Unexpectable! What a wonderful score! The best thing bots won't be playing this due to 360 limitations!

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The game is listed in but it doesn't have a release date... I suggest you to import it, I did it and got the Korean version. I may buy the EU version if it ever come here.

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I don't like new sonic runing animation, it doesn't give you the feeling of speed.

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I wouldn't do anything in that list. It looks completely wrong.

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That sucks, just imaging turning on the console, inserting the new game that you are dying to play, and all of sudden, it RRODs... ouch.

I wish the very best of luck to you.

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Lame event... I missed the best even ever, back in 2003, it was treant slapping event.

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Another high quality game only seen in PS3, the best console.

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I hope this is true, Demon's Souls is unique.

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Yesss, that would be awesome news!!! I hope the game is as good as the first or even better. I hope Stockpile Thomas and Blacksmiths Ed and Boldwin are back in Boletaria.

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They want MAG, but they can't have it because it is PS3 exclusive. MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

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Enjoy the leftovers of the videogame industry bots, we PlayStation fans get the best part always.

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But they have Dante's Inferno, a six hours long game that looks better in PS3.

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Wow, looks impressive in the PS3 superior version. Yes indeed, better lightning, textures, models and water effects.

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Nice pic selection, it really illustrates that the flopbox only reads brown dried turds, like Halo 3 and Mass Effect 2.

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Can't wait to buy it! I'm glad I didn't buy the xbox version, since it's much worse.

Remember when the xbox fangirls said that this game was exclusive to the flopbox? Mwahahahahaha.

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come on guys, ditch the xbox and get a PS3 and play the game like it was meant to be played

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