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For sure. Can't believe they were forced to strip so much down from the site.

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They'd be metal athletes. But it still takes physical reactions times to excel at some games.

If they get paid as much as pro sports athletes and get bigger endorsements.. and draw a larger crowd why isn't it a sport?

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truly? ok maybe they could refine it so it more than just generic filler... but really?

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Or unreal championships if they have the license to it.. :)....

Unreal anything would be fine.

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silly sensationalism.. I'd rather point to what they've done to Office and Windows and ask wtf these clowns will do to Xbox.

Just spin it off so it is managed outside of the office and windows failures.

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H4 Cortana > This.. but not by much.

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had a horrible impression of Jeremy, Richard and James dumping cars for consoles..

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It is silly to say it in a positive light because Activision already makes billions on Call of Duty and World of Warcraft.

Both the Titanic and Avatar's of video games belong to Activision.

To say that both will be trumped in the coming generation is just as silly because DUH. That's why they are being built. Any limitations are in the hands mostly of Microsoft and stupid policies.

To say that a big name AAA video game will fail.. ...

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So one director says Hollywood is only so many blockbuster flops away from imploding while another say video games will finally move on from just being murder simulators.

I'd say Lucas needs to stay behind the camera but he already quit that..

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hopefully something of this level will be achieved by other studios.. BioWare...

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It helps that you can't install a proper game too (limited memory). Can't imagine the cost of the unit with a TB SSD, but that would be nice.

They could offer a system that allows games to save data to Skydrive automatically).. but install space requirements is still massive.

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Thought it was generation 8, but who's counting at this point.

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They've had these policies for ages.. but it is ballsy for just put it in print like that.

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Was just thinking how much I'd prefer Deadmau5 tracks instead..

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It would have to be a rock solid 120 frames per second minimum (and enough system and fast video ram to avoid load times for textures at higher resolution) for supporting 1080p 3D natively (glasses free or with active shutter glasses or a head mounted display) and higher resolutions later on.


While some crazy people will require 4K (due for high end consumers and midrange in the next 2-3 years but probably won't have the same adoption rate as 1080 if X...

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Was about to buy it and replay campaign but have to buy BioWare points first so decided not to. Also remembered that campaign is boring and depressing and has no exploration and is mostly fetching missions.

Multi-player is still more fun than campaign (which it feels dirty to even say) and that's not saying much (after watching Halo 4 multi-player).

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Leviathan doesn't meet expectations and multi-player implodes b...

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well shit.. just wait until February.. he can post exactly the same thing about the normal release title.

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Because the world is all about games.

And dedicated gaming controllers > smartphones. Maybe tablets because there's a cost issue involved.

You surely can take your Wii controller with you once you're done playing. /s

Try not preaching to the choir.

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Nexus 7 +Google TV, iPad and iTunes and Smart Glass don't help their cause any.

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I half expected it to include playing a Pimp in a sandbox game, but it didn't.. pointless.

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