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I really enjoyed this game!

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Ever since Steam was announced for Linux, NVIDIA started to actually put some decent effort into their Linux Drivers (and I think AMD did as well). But SteamOS should make the push for better drivers even more and that will make me happy :)

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I imagine it will be more for a console experience and for OEMs to more easily make their own 'SteamBoxes'.

Valve still has two more announcements in the coming days, I would not be surprised if the next one is their own official SteamBox.

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Crisis core pretty much answers and clears up all the confusion and plot holes. But I suppose this review should only take into account FFVII, and not any of the spin offs, especially since they didn't come out until a long time after.

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I hate to bring up the DRM issue but how is this going to work? Doesn't this mean that a person could install the game on as many PS4s as they want with a single disc. Maybe the disc still needs to be in the system.

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It isn't nearly as difficult if you know and learn the enemy weaknesses. If you notice, the majority of the enemies have slow attack speeds (though do huge damage!), but this allows you to learn the animations and act accordingly.

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Lots of Glitches due to PS3 Stress.

I agree with this. I'd give this a 10/10 if it weren't for all the glitches. But a 9.8 or 9.9 is necessary since it isn't perfect. But it is still the best game I have every played.

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I bought that game used a few years ago for my cousin (he must have been around 4 years old at the time, and was already becoming a gamer, partially thanks to me :)). I didn't expect the game to be any good, but I figured he would enjoy it, but I made sure to play the game a little before I sent it to him to make sure it actually worked, and I was surprised how good it was, although it played a little glitchy on the PS3, luckly he had a PS1.

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Ah you are correct. The concert I was thinking of was Play! a video game symphony http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

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I went to Distant Worlds a few years ago, and there was absolutely nothing from Final Fantasy, nor was there any Chrono, MGS and pretty much any other game with awesome music. It was pretty disappointing. Video Games Live was a vastly better experience. There were 3 songs from FF, plus KH and a bunch of other awesome games music.

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There is (was?) a demo for GT Academy, which is essentially GT6 designed around the GT Academy competition. I'm pretty sure GT Academy entries are closed, but I think you can still play the demo.

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Who says it needs to be like an RTS?

It could be third person action/rpg, using a MOBA inspired map, abilities etc.

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Massive Online Battle Arena

Games like Defence of The Ancients(DOTA), and League of Legends(LoL) are two very popular games in this genre.

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Amazing how far FF has gone downhill. Toriyama might be a sex addict after hearing this.

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Wow that was actually really good. I was expecting it to be crap, but was pleasantly surprised.

The best part was the whole gunfight scene. They replicated the AI perfectly!

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Ico was amazing in 3d. And ya SSHD also had some pretty wicked 3D.

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It has happened before, but I don't think it was even close to being this widespread. This seems to be affecting a fairly large percentage of people. Luckly I haven't upgraded yet.

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Couldn't agree more. I picked up on this in the conference and had a bad feeling about the wording. Since online multiplayer is such a fundamental aspect of most games these days, it is therefore almost required to pay that extra $5 a month (or however much it is) to get full access to all the features of the games. I would be fine with all online features such as cloud storage, Gaikai streaming, video sharing and all that stuff being for PS+, but I believe that the fundamental online ...

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So far the visuals don't really look that impressive, but from what I understand the game will be huge and open world, which would be what is taking up all the ram.

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I actually enjoyed Terra Nova. It was a little too cheesy some of the time, but I liked the direction the show was going to be heading.

Unfortunatly, many good shows are getting cancelled pre-maturely, I think because people are only watching the first few episodes, and don't give the show a chance. Some examples of what I would consider good shows which were cancelled pre-maturely: Stargate Universe, Terra Nova, Touch.

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