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The chalice dungeons are supposed to be underneath Byrgenwerth, but there has to be more to the latch than just that bit of lore. You can't use you bell, or write any notes on the hatch, which suggest that it is openable. I'm guessing it is for future dlc, but for all we know it could be something we just havn't figured out yet.

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That's the one I'm curious about as well

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Ya the Chromatic Aberation is an overused effect. I think it should be reserved only for special attacks or something like that. For example it could be used briefly during Visceral Attacks or something like that. It is weird seeing it constantly, although I think they did tone it down slightly since the alpha (I don't fully remember, but it seemed to be more noticeable back then). I don't find it a problem in the final game, but I did during the alpha.

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Make sure to explore the areas fully, you will unlock shortcuts and find better gear ;)

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I probably didn't blink once during the span of about 2 hours when I set my record (something like 175 million?)

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I think this one holds up the best of the PS1 generation. I go back and forth between IX and VII for which is my favorite.

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@gangsta If I'm not mistaken they have said they could take down the NASDAQ if they wanted to. So if they can take down the stock exchange markets, banks etc. even temporarily they could do some damage to the economy. So for now they have been primarily targeting video game services, but that doesn't mean they won't go to more impactfull targets in the future.

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I'm in western Canada, so west coast could be a possibility.

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I can't connect yet on PS4 in Canada.

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If this was Ubisoft they would have released the game this year in its current state.

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Crash warped holds up really well even to today IMO. The first crash does seem really dated though. I still need to get Crash 2 though.

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I just bought this yesterday with the PS+ discount. It was a little short, but I really appreciate them doing something I've never really seen before. And the addition of many short documentary videos was pretty great.

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Both should be $149 by now. I bet there will be pricecuts early next year. Microsoft and Sony probably just want to milk as many sales as possible at this price for these holidays, and then cur the price early next year.

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I think there will be a crash, it will probably be sooner rather than later. Poor DRM Practices, excessive microtransactions, dlc, broken games at launch are all signs that we are headed in that direction. Having said that, indie games will survive through the crash.

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I wouldn't say glitches were rare, infact there are lots going all the way back to the Atari 2600, but for the most part they were not game breaking. Now if you play an unpatched game, you will probably be lucky to complete the game without it crashing numerous times or something going horribly wrong (game save corruption etc.)

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I played it first on Normal difficulty, which was really quite easy, but then on my second playthrough I did it on the hardcore difficulty, and it was a massive difference. I was getting one shotted by several of the enemies, so you had to be really careful. This may not be the most imaginative way to increase difficulty (increase enemy health and damage), but it gave it a little of a dark souls feeling since I would be dying so often.

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You missed out on Dust (unless you already bought it)

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If anything it might increase sales since if the game doesn't already have a demo, they can play their friends game for a little while. Having to always wait for their friend to come online will probably make the person want to buy the game for themselves if they liked it enough.

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One of the best games!

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I'm a huge Sony fan, but Sony really dropped the ball with this launch.

First the game is delayed a full year, then people barely can get online when it is released, and the PS+ edition isn't even available yet. On top of all that, the game is getting some very mixed reviews.

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