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I cant wait to play the game again. I played it 4 times over when I first got it, and now I have a reason to play it again. I might have to play it a few times to get most of the trophies though.

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I was Laughing out loud to many of those :P

Also some of those didn't seem like bugs, but rather rare coincidences, like the GTA one with the airplane, unless i missed something else there... :P

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Ya that would be pretty sick. And it makes sense with the voice of God thing.

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Correction! Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy because of Nintendo.
Playstation is Playstation greatly because of Final Fantasy.

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lol i remember how awesome this game was. Thanks for posting this up

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Not worldwide. I'm pretty sure Sony sold more systems in 2007 globally, just not in North America. Now Sony is dominating all territories, excluding the wii, which is a different story all together.

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XMB is probably the most effecient way to access just about anything you want. This makes a vaio seem worth buying now ;)

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This is going to be the best game I have ever played!

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My site was just hacked. I wonder if this was related to all of these hacks...

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The list of the main developers along with their previous projects can be found here. http://www.ff-xiii.net/inde...

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Nice I just signed up. Stargate is pretty much the greatest TV series :D

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Isn't this from GDC...

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ya i think you could always do that.

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Well that's just an average pay. If you stay with a company for a while, I imagine that your wage will increase dramatically.

That salary is more than many other jobs that you would get straight out of college/university.

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It doesn't sound like it is a feature, but rather a way to trick the PS3 into thinking it is rapidly overheating. The uploader even said that the screen may warn you that the PS3 is overheating even thought it isn't. To some degree this could be labeled as a bug in the OS.

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The cutting out was especially annoying in super stardust where you need to be paying attention literally for every millisecond, and if you screw up for even a few milliseconds, you are most likely going to lose a life.

It still happens with my sixaxis, and I was hoping that a firmware update would fix it. I will be getting a DS3 soon enough though, so hopefully it does not ever encounter this issue.

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Ya I started out with FFVII, but I am playing down the list because I love to explore the roots of one of the most epic series in gaming. I do have FFIV but I am waiting for SONY to fix the backwards compatability for the 60GB PS3 since at the moment it is practically unplayable. I hear FFIV is one of the best in the series, so I really look forward to playing it.

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"Have you ever killed Kirin, Nidhogg, fought Vrtra?"

I wonder if he spent enough time to defeat Emerald/Ruby Weapon in FFVII...

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The FF games/movies I have played/completed are:


The FF games that I am working on


And I don't think a fake final fantasy fan would have play time for a single play through for FFX at 160hours. And I have something like 120hours on FFXII. I have played FFVII about 10 times, FFVIII about 8 times, FFIX 4 times, FFX 3 times...

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