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One of the best episodes!

I think Jason would make a pretty good Kratos though, just throw on some white/red paint and shave his head and he would make a pretty great Kratos.

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Awesome video. The ending was awesome!

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Ya, HR I'd say was dangerously close to being inside the uncanny valley, but man this video might just be on the other side of it!

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This is something I'd like to see more of with MMOs. This way anybody can play and try it out, and if they seriously want to be competitive, then they will buy everything needed to be successful. For me it is that subscription commitment without playing the game yet which blocks me from ever playing any MMO.

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A stargate RTS would be amazing. So many faction possibilities...

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Ya, updates are addictive. I love when my computer has updates, I check for them like every hour :D

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I don't have Windows on my computer.

Full Ubuntu :D

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I always thought a Stargate rts would be amazing. And speaking of resources:

Ori, would require human worshippers for power
Wraith, would have to periodically cull human worlds
Not sure about the Asgard, maybe harvest neutronium?

There are so many potential factions in the game. I can think of like 6 or 7 major factions, and a couple of smaller ones(like neutral factions).

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I have this pre-ordered for linux :D Great developers!

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Ya I have been noticing that lately. The Souls games, Tales, Ni No Kuni.

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I only found out about this game like yesterday, and I already can't wait to play it. I think it might even be a day one purchase for me :D

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OMG I remember this game! I played it on the computer back in the Windoze 95 days!

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That weapon was epic. I used it all the time. It was great because it would significantly improve your immunity to status effects.

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(I'm Canadian by the way :D)

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It might if Yoichi Wade decides to resign at the same time.

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Most movies (HD included) are still 24fps, and I believe it should stay that way. Having it at 24 fps has a more artistic quality to it IMO. A higher fps, even 30 fps makes the video look like an amateur grabbed their cheap video camera and shot it. For example, most TVs now have an option to enable 120hz interpolation. I think other than sports I don't really see the point in the higher framerate, and makes everything else look bad.

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You are 100% correct. I would have bought the game day 1, but I have University going on right now, with term projects, midterms and assignments, with very little time for any new games(still playing GT5 in any of my spare time). I probably won't get KZ3 until this summer. At that point I will play it to death!

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Ya nurburgring is tough, but it is also one of the funnest, if not the best track in the game. Having high downforce helps out tremendously though!

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Thats awesome. There truly is some amazing video game music.

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Anyone ever played Lighthouse? That was probably my favorite point and click adventure, even though there were some serious design flaws in the game, and the ending sucked. It was still a very enjoyable game, it had a great atmosphere.

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