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It is objectively good game though. I guess some people just want to echo the sheep sentiment. I encourage you to actually try the games you have so many opinions on instead of spending all of your time on N4G.

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I do agree that PS5 Pro won't be amazing value. But for people who want the best console experience and are not low on money it will be great. So many games this gen which make you choose between graphic and performance modes. With PS5 Pro you don't need to choose. That's the point. And yes, GTA 6 would be the biggest individual selling point for sure. Personally I bought PS4 Pro on the release date and even though it wasn't a big dent to me financially I still have slight reg...

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Go play!

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I guess people want to play good games regardless of companies behind them.

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It was "sold" on the promise of single player content? No, it didn't sell any on that promise. No one buys skins and PVP battle passes because of upcoming PVE content in the future. The sequel was announced with PVE excuse, yes. OW2 generates shit ton of money because it's genuinely a good game and people buy cosmetics.

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This statement is way overblown. Sure having digital only sucks. But if AW2 had a physical copy right now I highly doubt the sales figures would be that much better. Sure like 10-20% better. But Remedy knew this already. It was calculated. They most likely will release a physical copy next year while branding it "director's cut" or "ultimate edition" or something along those lines.

Did you know that selling 1M digital copies at $50 price point is w...

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Game-wise it was pretty mediocre though. It captured that HP magic in Hogwarts nicely but after few hours the game feels like a chore. Especially after leaving the castle. I was never expecting this to be a true GOTY contender.

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It is on the list. Maybe they updated the list after you commented.

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I agree that VR compatible hybrid games make most sense when it comes to big studios and their AAA games. But I totally disagree with your reasoning. The reasoning is purely financial. Nothing to do with "being a dick move". Quite opposite tbh, developing purely for VR can be considered almost as a fan service towards PSVR as the development can be hardly justified financially. As an owner of PSVR and PSVR2 I surely would like to have more VR-only experiences as they tend to take ad...

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All the best talent has left Blizzard a long time ago. Activision has already done the devil's work and I'm sure even Diablo 4 was affected heavily. Luckily they have done brilliant job even with all that Activision baggage.

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Well the are using Marathon -brand also for world and story building. It's an interesting premise and basically to new IP for most (most of us never played original Marathon). I think it's pretty cool that they bring their old franchise back like this. The theme of that series around AI is more topical than ever. Also the CGI animation and art style looked bloody amazing.

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OG fans are long gone already. FF has been losing it ever after FFX. I'm happy them experimenting something completely new because FF12 - FF15 haven't felt as good as the previous entries. It's about time to change direction.

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I've enjoyed Overwatch League (and Overwatch Contenders) tremendously since the introduction of these leagues. These are amazing products. But unfortunately OWL's original vision isn't quite feasible as an investment. eSports is bleeding money big time. It's a shame really.

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Super interesting hero design in terms of his abilities but I'm slightly worried: This is going to enable some serious trolling and ruin the experience for some.

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I wouldn't get my expectations too high. Kayak is absolutely beautiful and a nice showcase for PSVR2. But it's hardly a game that you come back to after the initial wow-moment wears off. It's easy to pick up but there is not that much content in it. It's not very game-like. Out of these two I would absolutely without a doubt get GT7. At least my 8 year old got bored with Kayak Miarage really quickly. But he loves Horizon COTM (which I personally find kinda boring). My favourit...

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Kinda shocked that Overwatch wasn't mentioned. That IP literally screams for well made streaming service adaption. Arcane was huge. Overwatch has a rich but extremely untapped lore behind it. There is so much that could be done in terms of character and world building. OW1 and OW2 built this amazing world with all types of heroes and great backstories. The main narrative line is paved but the actual story is yet to be told. Overwatch is big and the franchise well exceeds the boundaries of...

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Not a game to play with your 5-year-old. Play Minecraft together and play this when he/she is asleep.

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Who are you to say what an unknown voice actor should earn? "I know for fact bayonetta sells", LOL!!!!! Yes, so if earns money, that money should go directly to voice actor? Give me a break. Platinum games should have just straight up told her they don't want to use her services anymore. That lowball offer was just disrespectful.

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I'm conflicted with this topic. I feel OW2 is clearly an improved version of OW1. And I understand that we wouldn't have got all these new improvements/additions without new revamped monetization system (simply not financially viable to make major development efforts to a 6 year old game which doesn't generate almost any money).

We could have just had a massive OW update with battle pass introduction and what not. Sure. But they call it the sequel because that&...

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No game is perfect and never will be. 10 does not mean perfect when it comes to reviews. Every game has some flaws.

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