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yeah I'm enjoying it as well, altho I kind of think they overdid it with how hard it is to spot someone.
10 guys and a tank, spending a full minute on finding 1 guy hiding near a flag, is not what I want to spending my time on.

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yes, the XB1 has been selling terrible and switch has been selling well, I dont know how this is a surprise to anyone unless you just enterest the gaming scene this month.

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Yeah, but I get their point. I would introduce my wife to the game, but I know she would hate it after a day of just constantly dying, so theres no point in bothering.

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I will problably get this. COOP games where you can play the Story COOP, don't appear that often.

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"If they didn't release the Switch as it is wouldn't even be a success. "

well there's no way to actually know that. Obviously Nintendo had success with the route the've taken with the Switch, but that dosn't mean they couldn't have had success going another route.

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"I'm not sure why your getting down voted. "

I think it's because he left out MS best performer "360" and only mentioned MS worst results.

As for the rest of your post, I think you're jumping to some conclusions about who downvoted Darthv72 or why they did it.

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Pop the champagne!

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I wouldn't worry about it, they're not gonna do anything that would be damning in the court of public opinion.

MS tried something with their DRM, and I wouldn't even put it up there next to some of the nightmare scenarios that people think are gonna happen if we go all digital. Well anyway MS got burned HARD.

People will paint a horror picture where companies can do whatever they want to the consumer....they just forget said companies will fa...

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Kinda sucks when the stores are closed and your friends are having fun in that new kickass multiplayer game.

Also I have 2 PS4's. Buying 2 physical discs to have the "go to store + go home + Unwrapping x 2" experience dosn't beat being able to buy just 1 copy.

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Street Fighter 17

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I dont know, but I'd assume the video wouldn't say
"PS4, XboxOne,Steam" at 1:58, if that werent the case, unless the video was made before the acquisition

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I'd be surprised if it does. I mean I keep seeing Kojima busy travelling the world taking selfies with people.

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He must've been replyig to a different thread.

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Tlou2 surprise release

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"Glad sony hire in New talent not dying talent"

Oh I get it, you mean like:
Guerrilla Cambridge
Evolution Studios
Zipper Interactive
Studio Liverpool
SuperBot Entertainment
Incognito Entertainment

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Candy Crush, started out as an easy fun time filler, but as the levels got harder it just became a chore and almost entirely dependant on luck. To make matters worse the non-purchased version had a builtin time lilit which you could circumvent, by changing the date on your phone, causing all kinds of subsequent errors

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Sounds like those studies are using the term "gamer" in its broadest sense, Im pretty sure the number is somewhere below 15% for console gamers and pc gamers.

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But this article wasn't about every network.

I could start talking about the network problems I'm experiencing at my work place...but they aren't relevant.

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so lets just assume I was having problems with PSN and read the comment section to see if someone had solutions or some other experience with PSN:

"My XBox One S kept signing me out because of XBL going down in the UK earlier. "
-hmm not really useful, my problem is with PSN

"Annoying when it takes an age to download Halo 5. "
-yeah umm, not really sure where this is going

"Haven't had any ...

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reveal anniversary?, something about that just irks me the wrong way, but cool video though.

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