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Almost every new console is sold at a loss.

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Buzzwords like SSD.....What????

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Yes but that would be purely out of principle.

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"The Unreal Beast" dosnt sound to bad either

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A skin that makes your character look like an you even read the stuff you google???.

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I own 2 ps4 to be able to play with my wife, would have been cool if one of them couldve been an xbox. However that would leave me to have to buy 2 copies of thegame, where I currently use the primary/secondary system or family game share or whatever its called.

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" At the start of 2013 Microsoft revealed they would be at E3 and the internet lost their minds with glee."

Not quite able to figure this out, why would people loose theirs mind over this, ms has been at almost every e3 since god knows when?

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I dont think the dev gets to make that decision

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Only 599$

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"brand new gaming technology ", im sorry but its not, the main thing thats changed is pricing. Tech always changed so its a moot point. Even if we push that argument aside, at 3 years old its a stretch calling it "brand new gaming technology"

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"BTW that video's comment section is littered with toxic Nintoddlers who had nothing better to do. "

"factual truth"

yeah uhm, ok

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"Elite Dangerous devs havent made it VR compatible"

Elite Dangerous devs havent made it, PSVR compatible. They did try to see if there was enough interest, but I guess there wasnt.

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We did it with movies, books music, as latencies get lower and lower this will become the norm.

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What about the controls?

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So googled it ,and it seems ttwo is worth 10billion and sony is worth58 billion, but that is problably including all divisions of sony

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Never really played forza, but I imagine they turned on all driving aids for her, which might counter one or two of your 400 theories

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Yes, but playing what?

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Im excited about the story, but I have no idea what kind of game it is. Could be a point and click adventure for all I know.

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Yeah it must suck, although I feel the problem is that caps still exist. I had capped internet as well, but that was in 1996.

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"Its free"

Free while you pay

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