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Youre gonna buy a prediction day 1?

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Havent played either, but I would answer: in the world with multiplayer.

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Everyone knows who John St. Doe is.

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Hey, do you think its weird that you only look for bad stuff on the reviewers when the review is average/bad?.

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@ Thundercat

"When the secret sauce is actually something real, it's a good thing...."

Lets just see what it is first

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But you can find low scores for almost any game, with bewildering reason as to why.
Why do we have to act like this is something new all of a sudden?.

Theres so much focus on days gone receiving criticism, thay it will just spawn more articles because of the traffic it generates.

Let it go, the game is fine

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You realize you linked to a video where every comment is that the comparison is "unfair"?

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I guess the real bug would be not informing players that installation needs to complete.

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maybe he meant sales.
Anyway the Wii isn't all that relevant in this case because it appealed to a large group of people who arent generally in the gaming market, heck I remember seeing people in retirement homes playing the Wii.
And no MS did not have that market to themselves, the PS2 was still there along with PC, and I know alot of people were holding out to see what Sony would come up with.
If you could rewind the clock back to ...

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I doubt that. Maybe more game companies would have been created, but most people dont have quicker kearning mode to activate on the fly.

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Who cares they're both dwarfed by the PS2, 158million

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"due to some kind of agenda"

Please shut up about the agenda stuff

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I dont know about it being "quite a bit",
a difference of 4% is quite close, as in regards to critics vs User score, if you compare to other games on metacritic.

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If Jussie Smollett was the protagonist I would just kill myself repeatedly.


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Day one patches are at the expense of the publisher/developers. They could have set a less crunching deadline for themselves.

Once you release a product you must accept that things are no longer solely in your own hands.

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Lol, that photoshop comment tore me up

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Measuring your success on how you did in relation to the competitor isn't the best measure of success.

Just imagine if MS had a catastrophic launch and sold 1 console. Are you then successful if you sell atleast 2?.

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No the ps3 did not have a fantastic launch. The ps3 was suppose to leave xb360 in the dust and eclipse the ps2, it did neither.

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To be honest, they did publish Apex Legends, and from what I read, the problems with Anthem seem to stem from mismanagement,.

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